Chapter 17 ~ He said he understood

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Niall's POV

"Niall, are you coming to class today?" Frank asks me.

I shake my head, keeping my eyes closed.

"You're going to get in trouble." He says.

I shrug. He sighs and leaves me alone in the dorm. 

It's been 2 weeks since i've last seen Kaera. Louis told me Zayn is dating her now. That should be me. I should be hers. I'll never forgive Zayn, ever. He knew i liked her, he always did.

I told him the day we went for pizza with her.

He said he understood.

That he would make me look good to her.

He was supposed to help me get her.

Instead he kissed her, then took her from me.

That one week i thought she was mine, was possibly the best week of my life.

"Niall! N-niall stop!" I was tickling Kaera in my bed. She was laughing really hard. I loved her laugh, i still do. It's the most innocent and cute sound in the world.

"This is what you get for eating the last slice of pizza!" I told her, continuing my torture.

"Stop!" She yelled, still laughing.

"Kiss me." I said.

"W-what?" She asked as her eyes filled with tears from her laughing.

"Kiss me and i'll stop." I smiled at her. 

"O-okay!" She sreamed as i continued. I stopped and let her sit up. She smiled then pulled me close, placing her lips on mine. I loved how she seemed to fit perfectly with me. I snaked my arm around her as she leaned back. She ran her fingers through my hair, messing it a bit. Suddenly, she stopped and pushed me back, jumping off of the bed.  "That's all you get!" She said, running away. She couldn't get far, she was in my dorm. I cornered her and began tickling her again.

"Ah!" She screamed as she dumped cold water from my water bottle on me.

"Bad idea!" I said, wrapping my arms around her, getting her wet. I held her tight and kissed her again.

It was all an act. All a trick. She never cared for me. If i died today, she wouldn't even show at the funeral.

I hate Zayn. But that's not the worst of it, the worst of it is that i can't hate Kaera. I want to be able to so bad, i want more than anything to be able to say that i don't care what happens to her, but i will never be able to. I'm in love with her.

"Say you're sorry, that face of an angel, comes out, just when you need it to.." My phone rings with Kaera's ringtone.

I think about picking it up, but am forced to when i picture her face, in tears the way she was at the bar that night.

"What." I answer.

"How are you doing?" She asks quietly.

"Horrible, awful, bad, any words like that." I say.

"I'm so sorry, Niall. You have no idea how much it pains me to know you feel like that." She sighs.

"But you still feel well enough to hook up with Zayn." 


"Save it." I cut her off. "What's the real reason you called?" I ask her.

"Well, i was wondering if you would come over tonight? Just me and you?" She asks.

I thought about her offer. "How would he feel about it?" I ask, reffering to Zayn.

"He doesn't know, and he won't." She says, securely. "We really need to talk, in person." 

"Fine, i'll be there at seven." I hang up the phone and groan into my pillow.

I regret that.


Kaera's POV

"Nervous?" Zayn asks me as i squeeze his hand.

"Little bit." I lie. I'm beyond the point of nervous. I'm petrified. I know it was wrong to trick Niall into coming over, but i wanted him and Zayn to get along. I know they won't jump into eachother's arms immediately, but it kills me to know i'm the one who ruined they're relationship and i want to make it better.

"It'll be ok." Harry says. I invited Louis and Harry over to help calm Niall so there won't be any blood spilled.

Louis is resting his head on Harry's shoulder. Aw.

"Calm down." Zayn says, then kisses my forehead.

"Agh!" I wipe my forehead. "No kissing! No touching!" I pull my hand away from this. "In fact, i can't even be around you, it will only make Niall angry." I say. I walk over to the other side of the living room and sit down on the floor.

"You're being stupid." Zayn teases me.

"No, i'm being-" There's a knock at the door. I stand up and open the door, Niall is standing there. He looks depressed and tired.

"Hi." I say quietly.

"H-" Before he can finish i hug him. I can feel him smile on my shoulder as he returns the hug. 

"I missed you." I say quietly.

"I missed you too." He responds.

Zayn loudly clears his throat, obviously not happy about the contact with Niall.

Niall looks up and sees his friends. "What the hell, Kaera." He looks at me.

I quickly shut the door so he can't escape. "Now, Niall, i'm sorry, but i wanted you and Zayn to talk." I say.

"You know what?" He asks. I cringe. "Fine." 

"Huh?" Me and Zayn overlap.

"I want him to hear what i have to say about him stealing my girl after i told him i had feelings for her." He says as he makes his way to the living room.

This is gonna be a long night.


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