"Good," She replied and closed her eyes again. She loved how carefree and cheerful she was always around him and she loved how he made her forget about the bad things in her life.

"Elle?" Zayn broke the silence after several minutes.

"I thought you had fallen asleep." She spoke honestly and turned to her side to face him.

"No," He shook his head before biting his lip, trying to find the right words to say. "You will get help, right?" The worry was clear in his voice and Elle just wanted to kiss him right now... and she did.

"Of course," She smiled when they both pulled away.

"Have you ever tried to stop before?"

"Not really. Well... one time I had found out about this project on the internet. It is called the butterfly project that it's supposed to prevent you from harming yourself." She spoke, turning to her previous position. "You are supposed to draw a butterfly on your wrist when you feel the urge to cut and name it after a loved one. If you cut, you kill it but if you don't, it lives."

"And it must fade naturally, you can't scrub it." She added. "I didn't know who to name it after though, so I never tried it."

"I could draw you one." Zayn shrugged when he sat up. "Do you have a pen with you?" He questioned and Elle nodded, sitting up as well and reaching for her bag.

"Wait," She stopped when she found the pen. "You can't-" She trailed off. Zayn gave her a confused look. "I don't want you to see my scars." She admitted, playing nervously with the pen's cap.

"If you don't want me to then I won't." He said softly and took slowly the pen out of Elle's hands. "Give me your hand," He reached out for her.

"Zayn," She breathed, trying to increase the distance between them.

"Trust me," He kept his voice low and she took a moment to collect her thoughts before sighing and letting him take her hand in his.

"I will need your help," He closed his eyes before pulling up the sleeve of Elle's jacket. He put down the pen and with his now free hand he touched Elle's skin, feeling her cuts under his fingertips. Elle was watching him carefully, not taking her eyes from his closed ones. Her heart had started beating faster and it felt as it was ten degrees hotter than it was two seconds ago.

"I can feel your pulse quicken, try to calm down," He suggested but that was impossible, especially when he brought her wrist to his lips and kissed her scars.

"I'll attempt to draw a butterfly now, I need you to tell me where I'm supposed to draw," He whispered, his eyes still closed. Elle nodded but then remembered that he couldn't see her so she mumbled a quick "okay".

Zayn took the pen in his hand again and with the other held Elle's wrist tight. He drew the butterfly's body at first, which he managed to draw perfectly. He then tried to draw the right wing but placed the pen at the wrong place.

"Wait!" Elle stopped him and positioned his hand at the right spot. He didn't blame him though, he was trying to draw a butterfly upside-down and with his eyes closed.

"Thanks," He wetted his lips before continuing to draw. After a few minutes he was done and the butterfly was ready.

"Don't open your eyes yet." Elle begged, taking the pen from his hand and writing under the butterfly his name. She then pulled down her sleeve and let him know that he could open them now.

"Thank you," She smiled at him, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Just don't kill it." He leaned in and pecked a kiss on her lips.

 "I will try." She promised. This time she was ready to fight.

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