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A few months later

Ashton's POV

"So when is the due date?" Tiffany asks

"a few weeks actually,  I can't wait and I really want Ricki to let us ask the doctor what the baby is"I say as I slip on my shoes

"Well we all know that it will have beautiful green/ hazel eyes"she says

"I really hope the baby is as beautiful as her"I say

"yea because we won't want it to have your ugly mug"Amanda says as she walks in

"hey"I say while laughing

"so how is she?"Tiffany asks

"fine, she keeps craving tacos but she has done that since I met her, it looks like she could use some more sleep, I feel bad that I delayed the shows so much that she had to work this far into her labor"Amanda says

"hey none of that was your fault, it was just a crazy fan from the local area"Tiffany says

"hey at least the tour ends tomorrow night"I say

"yea and your wedding is in a few days, I still think it's weird that you will have a water wedding"Amanda says

"hey having a wedding in a pool is the coolest thing, also it will only go up to four feet so it won't be so bad" I say

"I actually love the idea and that you get to have your kiss underwater and say your vows under a waterfall, well a man made waterfall"Tiffany says

"Yea and the whole wedding is Batman themed so I have a special gift for Ricki"I say

"that's a weird combination but it sounds cool" Tiffany says

"you give Ricki a special gift every day"Amanda says and rolls her eyes

"food and flannels dont count, also Luke buys you stuff"I say

"Luke buys me key chains from wherever we go and I buy him a T-Shirt so we are equal"Amanda says

"Ricki gives me kisses and she is giving me a child so I think she wins"I say

"Michael bought me a dress"Tiffany says

"Michael bought it because it had a zipper and he finds unzipping it really attractive"I say and Tiffany smiles and shrugs

"Hey guys guess what"Calum says and runs over to us

"What? Tiffany asks

"I got new shoes"He says and points at his feet

"Are those mine and Niall's brand?"Amanda asks

"yeah, they are actually the best shoes I own"he says

"wait they aren't in stores till next week"Amanda says confused

"Niall sent them to all of us, I just was actually in my room at the time"he says

"oh cool, I hope people like them"Amanda says

"you are serious about the not looking at social media other than Twitter aren't you?" I ask

"why?" Amanda asks

"everyone is talking about it and they mention it on every other commercial,  did Niall tell you about the demand rate?"I ask

"no, I haven't talked to him in two weeks, he said he would handle it until they are out in stores then I could help him because he wants me to focus on the tour"she says

"well people really want your shoes" I tell her

"they do?"she asks

"yeah and they are only like thirty American dollars and more people can afford them"I say

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