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The next morning Jack walked her to the train station, just before she had to board he stopped her "You'll come on back, right?" She smiled and nodded "Absolutely, I would stay if I could but it's all been done in legal matters, it's just easier to go than make a whole big deal about it."

"Well, when ya do come back you can stay with me. and you'll write?"

"Yeah, don't worry jack, well keep in touch."

"Bye Megan, I'll miss you."

"Me too." They hug and the conductor yelled for everyone to get on. "Bye Jack." She climbs on, takes a seat and watches him as the train pulls faster and faster out of the station.

A few hours later the train finally arrives in Washington. She stepped off the smelly iron box with nothing but her own self, for everything else had been burned in the fire. After walking through the station for a few minutes she spots a familiar boy, he has almost black scruffy hair with bright blue eyes and wearing a worn union uniform "Galen!!" She yells to get his attention, he turns to her and smiles wide "Megan!" He opens his arms and she runs into them, he twirls her around "Its so good to see you cuz," Galen is Uncle Charles' son and he was like another brother to her.

"You too Galen. It's so good to see you," you both pulled apart "How have things been in the army?"

"Alright, I've got all my arms and legs so I guess that means I'm better than most." They left and went on their way.

They arrived at a large pale yellow house with a crisp white picket fence around the sweet smelling flowers. Once they both crossed the smooth pebble walkway he opened the door for her to a foyer painted dark brown and the hardwood floors were polished perfectly. Straight ahead there was a staircase that split off and ran against the wall and to the second floor, to the left there were two double doors closed "that's the study If I remember correctly," she thought then looked to the right were the kitchen was, "Hello!? Dad!? We're back from the station!"

"Coming!" She heard her uncles booming voice from upstairs, then saw his chubby figure half running half stumbling down the steps "Megan! So good to see you!" He finished fumbling down and stood before her "Hi uncle Charlie," she smiled and ran into a hug "Gosh, I can't remember the last time I saw you, you've grown into such a beautiful girl."

They both walked her up to the guest bedroom where she would be staying. It was a nice room, there was a queen bed against the wall next to a window that led out to a flat area on the roof. To the right was a small closet "the bathroom is next door, and I bought you lots of new cloths and put them in your closet. And I also got you some jewelry and put it on your dresser there. Some of it used to be your mothers!" Her uncle gave a smile "well, I'll let you settle in. And I'll bring you dinner when it's ready." He closed the door and left her alone in the room.

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