Chapter 7: All's Well That Ends Well

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         Olive and Mike van Maarsbergen were relaxing on the beach. The same beach where this whole mess first started. The sun was shining, the sand was warm, the grass was cool. Life was good. All's well that ends well, after all.

        They were pregnant! Well, Olive was. And Mike impregnated her. She'd taken a test shortly after the whole 'landshark experience' and the results came back positive. And, if that wasn't enough to be sure, they'd also performed a magikal pregnancy test-- yes, those exist; damn right they do.

        So life was good. Owain van Maarsbergen was well on his way to entering the world. Things didn't seem like they could get any better.

        After another magikal lovemaking session, Olive was content and smiling, whereas Mike was dwelling on something that happened the previous July. He couldn't get it out of his mind. "I still can't believe we didn't win, Olive pie. We deserved it. We really did."

        Olive's smile faded. Her face contorted as she remembered that horrible performance the two had displayed... on live TV, too, for that matter. "We really didn't, Mikey moo. We were kind of asses... to everyone."


        "It's okay. It was a fun time, right?"

        "It was."

        "Like the landshark thing was fun."

        "Yeah, that was interesting," Mike admitted. "A little too close for comfort at some points, but interesting."

        "What do you think Zecharia is doing right now?" Olive asked, snuggling up against Mike until they were like two perfectly naked spoons, front to back.

        He put his arms around her. "I don't know, love. I only hope he's doing well."

        But I know.

        Zecharia Montego had gone back to school. Not the Institute of Psychedelic Magik on Mars-- lord no-- but the University in Auckland. After heading down to his sanctuary under the mountain and grabbing all his backed-up data and research, Zecharia ended up using his magikal abilities-- and the results of his many experiments-- to earn himself a PhD in record-time. He was actually a doctor now. Look at that. That's what hard-work and living in society can get you.

        Afterward, he found a nice girl, had a couple of kids, and lived the life of love he always longed for. It was beautiful. Sort of brings a tear to your eye, if you're like me and you have a weird thing for happy endings.

        And what of the landsharks?

        Well, there are rumours throughout New Zealand. They say that late at night, if you walk the beaches alone-- and only alone; never with anyone else-- you can hear the sound of a fart underwater.

        The landsharks. They're laughing.

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