Chapter Two~ ♡

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     "What should we do, Bella?" My mind was dizzy with ideas. I looked at her, seeing she had the same face meaning she didn't have any ideas either...

     "How about we trash that cranky neighbor's house of yours. That might be fun, Right?" I looked at her with pure disgust. "You're kidding. Bella! You are so scary sometimes... you know that?"

-later that same day-

     So far Isabella and I watched a ton of movies and ate a lot of junk food. It was pretty great day.

     Until Isabella had to ruin the perfectly good and breathtaking moment

     "Guess what.. School starts tomorrow! This is the last day of summer..." She said angrily. "Did you seriously have to ruin this perfect moment with your emotional drama queen-like voice?"

(I swear I will kill her one day if she keeps this drama queen act in the future...)

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