coming to the summer (part 1)

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okay so you guy know my name, im Donny if you forgot my name, any way i sit here in my grand fathers barn. i was crying because my boyfriend just broke up with me, that was untill a boy about my age, would say around 14 came riding in to the barn asking my grandfather if he could take my horse out for a ride. "Mr. stinger? you in here?" i try to hush my crying but he found me right away. "u-ummm my grand father isnt here r-right now." i wipe my tears away and look at the boy that i never met before. "now, why is a pertty young lady cring?" this caused me to blush and hide my face with my hands. "now come on... lets see those pertty purple eyes of yours." he pushed my hands away and smiled when he saw me. "well are you gonna tell why your cring or not?" i look at him tears still falling. "I-i... my boyfriend broke up with me!" i ran into the boys arms and hid my face in his chest, as tears still roll down my face. "shhhh... its okay me and my girlfriend just broke up too." he wraped his arms around me. I hear footsteps coming closer to us. "Donny are you okay, darling?" my grand mother came out with a smile like always. I see that im still in this boy's arms and I back out of his arms. "yeah grand im fine." i walk to Blue Jean's den and grab his rianes. "I see you met my grand daughter, Donny." in comes my grand father, as i come out of the stalls on top of Blue Jeans. "Yes I did, sir and may I say ypu may have to watch these boys around here, even me. you have one cutie on your hands, Mr. Stinger." I could hear every word they say, and once who ever his name is said that my face turned a birght red! I come over to the three, riding Blue Jeans. "I'm going out, into town to get more things for my new room. Grand ma do you need any thing?" my thick country accent was alot clearer now. "Wait one second darling you may need to go the flea market for me so your going to need the cart." I walk over to the cart and hook old Blue Jeans to it. "okay. Old boy i'll be right back i'm gonna get changed. I ran to the ladder in the barn to where my room is and get changed into a cowgirl belly shirt and shorts, then i put back on my cow boy boot brother gave me, before i lost my ma and pa and him in a car crash. I come out of my room and my grand mother starts to cry. "thoes are the boots your borther gave you." she gave me a hug and kiss, "I thought you would never put them on!" my grand father said happy to see that a 13 year old girl is waring something that a family member gave becasue all the other girls around here are that stuck-up. "well yeah these are my brothers boots." I pull up my boot that was falling off. "well im off to the stores, abd i naver got your name." i turned to the boy. "oh sorry, names liner, Blaze liner." i smile and shake his hand. "nice to meet you Blaze, you may already know m,y name becaues of my grand parents saying it." I turn to the cart and Blue Jeans. "yes, your names Donny." he walked over to the cart as i got on. "want to come with me?" i look down at him then to my grand parnets. "sure, ill go along." he got on and sat next to me. "Bey, guys." I make a clicking sound for Blue Jeans to go.

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