chapter 3

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edward pov

i'm going to get bella back from that mutt but how "alice do you see me and bella back together" i texted alice in a split decision so she wouldnt see it coming 

" i cant see past those mutts but i dont see you two getting back together anytime soon unless you do something about it" alice texted back

"then can you get the rest of the family back to forks and we can come up with a plan to get her back"

"of course but i dont know will everyone will come back"

"alice you got to try get abosutly everyone back"

"ok i will"

Bella pov

its nine in the moring  and sam is picking me up at me up in two hours so i got into the shower put on blue jeans and a top went down stairs to find charlie sitting down at the table drinking coffee

"i taught you were working today" i asked charlie as i started pouring my cereal into a bowl 

"i'm working at 12 today what are you doing today bells" charlie asked me

"sam is picking me up today at eleven" i said 

"what are you two going doing" charlie asked

"i dont know we didnt get that far texting last night" i told charlie

"ok be safe bells" charlie said

"i will" i said

i finished my breakfast and went up stairs to brush my teeth by now it was half past nine i had another hour and half to wait. "dad can i talk to you for a minute please" i asked charlie

"of coourse bells what is it" charlie said  "dad edward is back he came here last night saying he was sorry and that he wanted me back" i told him 

"what did you say to him bella" chalrie asked me 

"i told him that i'm with sam and i dont want to be with him" i told charlie 

"thats good bells i dont want to see you getting hurt again bells" charlie said

"dad i dont think that would be the end of it though" i told charlie

"whatever he tries i stop him i'm sure sam and jake will help me too so dont worry bella" charlie said

that was easy for him to say causehe didnt know edward was a vampire speaking of vampires victoria she still out there she still wants to kill me i was brought a out of my taughts when edwward was in front of me 

"what do you want edward" i asked him

"i want you back i'm not giving up on you you cant be with that mutt your mine bella not sams" edward said

"that's were you are wrong edward i'm not yours and i never was i'm sams and only sams whether you like or not" i told edward 

i turned around and i saw leah and seth there i ran over to them "get him out of here please leah and seth i dont want him in here or anywhere near me" i said to them

edward pov 

i couldnt believe what i was hearing from my bella's mouth they must be brainwashing here "you heard bella get out now she doesnt want you near her or you in here so get out now before i make you" leah said "i'm not going anywhere with out my bella" i told her "what are you deaf bella already told you she is sams not yours so get out now" leah told me

i left but i'm not giving up just yet

please let me know what you guys think please

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