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So the day went on and Stephan drove ash and me to the school. it was SUPER awkward. I sat between them in the middle of the truck fidgeting with my turtle neck. it's so dang aggravating! ash was staring at Stephan the entire time and believe me we both were getting annoyed. "Dude do I have something on my face or do you have a gay fetish?!?"Stephan suddenly piped up as we were pulling into the school's drive. I had to cover my mouth to avoid laughing... that still didn't help I was bursting at the seams. Ash's face contourted to this wrinkled face of disgust as his nose scrunched and his eyes squinted so small he looked Asian. I couldn't help.but laugh more. "Not cool sicko" Ash sneered as a shudder reverberated through his body. Stephan was smiling to himself as I realized I was leaning on him and giggling. My face exploded with a heated blush as I sat up straight. Stephan parked in one of the teachers only parking spots(of course) and both guys opened their doors expecting me to slide out behind them. Ash looked up at me as did Stephan and I was yanked out of the car. jeez stupid karate jerk! I looked at my arm were ash had pulled me, it was red with a big hand Mark. I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment, I was pushed along by Stephan. I glanced back at him sadly and then looked at the locked doors. "How are we supposed to get in?" I asked looking at them both. they shrugged. Stephan pulled at the door and then Ash tried ramming it down. one of the upper Windows opened slightly. "HEY ash you could get in through there!" I exclaimed suddenly seeing the glimmer of hope. "Why him?" Stephan asked crossing his arms. "Cause he's like a ninja·" I .stated flatly. Ash was able to push the window open more but then stood on his heels grimacing. "I can't fit.... Your gonna have to do it." He said looking at me. A deep blush covered my face as I shook my head. I COULD NEVER FIT IN THAT I'M WAY TOO FAT AND HOW THE FUDGE WOULD I EVEN GET UP THERE I'M FREAKING SHORT DUDE YOUR CRAZY! INSANE! WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN MAN!!! my mind screamed at me as all the horrible possible outcomes played out in my head. "Common Jessie, I'll left you up there and you just need to slide through." Stephan said and put his hand on my shoulder. I gasped from his touch and twirled around to face him. "You can't even lift me."I mumbled getting slightly irritated. "Even if you could hell would freeze over before I'd let you." I said a little louder cutting my eyes at him distrustfully. "I'm not gonna drop you. Common your the only one that's thin enough to fit." He said tilting his head and trying to motion how 'thin' I was. "Never said I was thin before... don't expect me to believe it now." I snapped huskily and turned from him not wanting to be reminded of all the things he's called me over the years. Ash had been quiet during all of this so I turned to him. "can't you try to-" I was cut off my Stephan picking me up by my waist and lifting me up on his shoulders. Slowly my butt was on his shoulder as he held me upper thigh tightly carrying me to the window. I hid my face with my hair and tried covering my reddened cheeks with my hands. "Okay now that your up there-Jessie?" Stephan began but looked up at me and knew I wasn't in a good spot. I was hyperventilating and tears were streaming down my face. embarrassment was all I could feel and the hot tears didn't help. Stephan sat me down and wiped some of my tears away. "J-Jess I'm sorry... Don't get upset... I was only... I was trying to help... Common... don't be embarrassed..." he stuttered trying to make me feel better but all I could do was choke out a sob. soon Ash was getting on him over it. I tuned them out for a while and calmed myself down by humming. after about 15minutes of attempting to regain my composure because I'm.all fancy and stuff I stood up and glanced at the arguing boys. I looked at the tall door and stepped on top of the handle watching it turn as I jumped up and held myself up by the window. I kicked up and brought my foot to the brick wall by the entry way and slowly slid one leg into the window. My skirt got stuck and I aggravatedly slid the rest of my lower half inside, ripping my skirt and tearing the base of my turtleneck. I jumped down from the window and my turtleneck ripped all the way up the front. I sighed an  discarded my ripped clothes. so now I was in my tight leggings, ballerina flats, and a white and pink striped polyester (the super clingy stuff) noodle strap tank. all the scars on my arms were showing and a few were visible through the tank top. I opened  the door and leaned on it aggravatedly as I watched the boys bicker.  "Shut up you idiots!" I yelled as I flipped my hair out of my face. I think I've found my backbone because right now their yelling is the last thing I want to hear. they both looked at me in a bit of a daze, a blush crept on Ash's cheeks and Stephan looked at me with a horrified and regretful face. I rolled my eyes and motioned for them to follow me inside. I'm BOOORRRREEEEEDD they need to get their butts in here and get this over with. What happened to me? where is this coming from? How am I this awesome right now? Omigurd I looked down at myself and shrugged better not think about it or else I might end up shrinking back into that stupid shell of mine.... let's get this over with



do you all like the personality twist? I kinda got tired of having a skiddish and scared character. I could make her little courage boosts random if that's what you like or I could make her go back to her timid ways.

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