Pledgin the thug life- Life Happens

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I woke up sprawled on the floor drool coming from my mouth hair all over the place shirt lifted up socks half way off. I just looked a mess. I got up looking around and saw no one. Everything was put up and everything. I got up walking to the kitchen while scratching my butt. Ain't no shame in my game y'all know y'all do it too. Wasn't nobody in the kitchen so I checked around the rest of the house. Not a soul to be found. I went to my room and looked at my phone and saw that the time was 12:00. Damn I been sleep that long. I went and grabbed my hygiene products that I got from bath&body works and went to take a shower. After gettin my scruba-dub-dub on I did my other hygiene and got dressed for the rest of the day. I threw on a pair shredded distressed jeans. A long sleeved black belly shirt. I threw on some silver and black bangles with some having spikes I put on some skull studs a skull tag necklace and some studs in my other piercings. I flatironed my hair my hair with a bang and put on some fake eyelashes with eyeliner and black lipstick. I put on a pair of black footies and my black timberlands I went back downstairs and started to roll a blunt. I made the room 100% before lighting my blunt and smoking it in peace. I was 75% through my blunt when the door opened and the room was filled with laughter as the lights came on. I huffed and put my blunt out as the lights came on. "Damn it smell like somebody been gettin it in with a blunt" one of them said. "Mikki" everyone else said in unison. I rolled my eyes and got up. I seen everybody with bags and alot of them. oh so these niggas wanna go shopping without me? so thats how we are now. I got something for them they wait. Grabbing my purse phone and keys that I bought downstairs with me. I walked towards the door bumping into everyone in my way. Was that uncalled for? Yes but them niggas trifling as hell and they interrupted my relaxation. I got in my shiny black chrome Hummer with mickey mouse interior and drove to my main trap house. After parking I walked to the front door greeting my many workers while walking to my office. Once in there I turned all the lights except my table lamp off . I rolled another blunt and lit it leaning back and putting my feet in my desk. I was almost | | << this close to finishing my blunt when my door busted open.

Trigger pov

Everybody in the house except Mikki around the same time at 9 this morning. We decided to leave her sleeping and go out to eat. So everyone got up and got situated. After doing my hygiene I threw on a pair of army fatigue cargo pants a red tru religion shirt. The Carmines that

just dropped tht I got for Mikki and I. I took her box to her room and put them in her closet. Then walked downstairs to see everybody dressed and ready to go. "Y'all ready?" I asked grabbing the keys and stepping over Mikki who was sleeping wild as hell. I took a pic of her and posted it on Instagram with the caption "dicked her down right now she out like a light ;-)". She was gone beat my ass when she seen that if she ever got on. She been so obsessed with this new app called Polyvore where she put clothes together to make outfits and bought them that she barely got on. After doing that we headed to the car and hopped in the 2014 black chrome escalade we bought for times like these. It was quiet without Mikki loud mouth to talk so we cut on the music and turned up with migos. We decided to go to Golden Carol the boys really had no say so but it's like that all the time. I pulled up in the parking lot and our group of like 14 got out the car. How we all fitted in there is a mystery but I eat the girls lapped up thinking they was slick. I was basically third wheeling without Mikki here which wasn't cool at all. Once in the restaurant we payed and split up to get our food. I grabbed almost everything before going to sit back down. "Damn y'all some greedy ass girls" Bullet said to the girls who came back with more food than everybody. "I wonder how the stay fit" Co pondered "Cause when we dicking them down right we give them that good excercise" Caine teased as us boys erupted in laughter. "No nigga y'all wish. We all go running every morning after we go to the gym" Minnie said matter of factly. "Even Mikki?" "Especially Mikki she's actually the enforcer. She runs behind us with a stick and she hits us when we go slack" "Not they Mikki we know the one that sits around eating snacks all day" "Yes her why you think she ain't got no cellulites" "Cause she gets surgery duh" "Now you know Mikki ain't lettin nobody touch her body in any way to change it unless its a tatto or piercing" "you right". An hour or two later we were full and ready to bounce so we did. Getting back in the car we went to the mall to walk of our food. We ended up going shopping and stopping by almost all the stores and stocking up on all the latest gear. At 2 we rolled back up to the house. We walked in the house laughing with our bags in hand. The house was completely dark so someone cut the light on. "Damn it smell like somebody been gettin it in with a blunt" Ques said sniffing the air. "Mikki" everybody else said in unison. Mikki then stood up looking good as hell in that gothic look she had going on. I could see that she was feeling some type of way looking at the bags in our hands. She grabbed her purse keys and phone walking to the door bumping into Bullet Co Caine and Ques because they were in her way. "Well damn is she mad or nah" "Mad" we all said at once laughing. We all walked to our rooms and put our shut away before going back to the living room. "Iight y'all we goin to get the baby from they grandma well holla at y'all later" Ques said dapping everybody up as Minni gave out hugs and they left. I pulled out my phone and started playing don't tap the white tiles before I decided to go get Mikki. I knew she would be at one of the trap houses so I was gonna go by the main one first. I got back in the car and headed to the first trap. I pulled up after seeing her car down the street. She never parked in her location so she wouldn't get caught slipping one day and tbh it wasn't a completely stupid idea. I parked the car and got out. "Aye y'all where Mikki?" I asked once entering the trap. "In her skin when you jump out she jump in" Missing said before lighting his blunt which I took and puffed on. "Gimme my shit back" "Gimmie got his neck broke messin with nigga folk" I said still puffin as I walked down the hall. I walked to her office door and opened it. She looked at me and put her blunt out. Aggravation expressed all over her face she got up. Without saying a word she grabbed her stuff. I guess she was a little salty we didn't wake her up. "Bae you mad?" I asked her blocking the doorway. "Move" was all she said. "Answer my question" "Get the fuck out my way damn you aggravating" Man get out yo feelings damn" "Ain't nobody in they fucking feelings nigga y'all did y'all so ima do me" she said walking to the window. "What are you doing?" I asked seeing her open the window. "Nonya business nigga damn" she said jumping out the window. I looked out the window and seen she landed perfectly which impressed me considering she was a little high. I watched as she walked to her car and got in speeding off. I smacked my teeth and closed the window before leaving her office. "Did you find her?" Missing asked puffin on another blunt. "Yea she a lil salty we ain't take her shopping" "Now we all know she don't like being left nowhere alone" "No we all know she font wanna miss out on no shopping" "Her ass don't need to go shopping she need to get a job" we all laughed knowing Mikki couldn't handle it. Well the authority anyway. I chilled with my niggas as we laughed about Mikki.

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