Chapter 1:

The Bad Boy That I Hate Profusely

"Look at them, drooling all over his sorry ass. It's pathetic, I mean how can - "

"You mean popular and oh, so sexy ass." My best friend Emily gushed, whilst watching the bad boy flirting with almost every girl surrounding his table instead of eating.

I will never understand this because of the love of my life, food. But, clearly I'm missing something. Or not, I love food and those salad eating skeleton looking girls are missing out.

Emily Styles is this I-should-be-a-super-model babe with ash blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back and an amazing beach bod. She is my drop dead gorgeous lesbian best friend, who's eyebrow game is waaaay beyond on point, and I wouldn't trade her for a straight one anyday.

Rolling my eyes, I pushed my tray away having lost the appetite to finish the last things on my plate, not that I was going to, but now it just made me feel queasy.

I mean, isn't it the same for everyone who loves food? You hate veggies, right?

Making a sour face at my veggies I broke Emily's eye contact with the bad boy and teased, "Here, Em, you'll probably need this for the puddle you've just drooled." then passed her my napkin.

"What? Drooled? Puddle? Where?!" She shrieked, wiping the corners of her mouth repeatedly. By the time she had noticed that there wasn't any drool, I had already burst out laughing which also gained me some unwanted attention from most of the cafeteria including a particular Mr. Popular. "You're the worst!" scoffed Emily as she folded her arms across her chest.

"C'mon, let's get out of here." I frowned, noticing Mr. Popular's narrowed eyes still staring at me. I picked up my tray and walked over to the trash can to dipose of my uneaten veggies.

Emily followed suit and hooked her arm in mine when she caught up, I looked back at her and laughed as she wiped her mouth again, just to be sure there wasn't any drool although I couldn't help but notice Mr. Popular still looking our way, Emily noticed too, and he was.. smirking now.

I shook my head as we walked into class 10 minutes early and took my seat. There were always a few empty seats as not many people were studying psychology, they'd rather do fashion designing or acting, everyone wanted to be an actor or actress, to move to The Big Apple and make it on Broadway.

Big dreams?

Some of them are really great at acting, singing and dancing but considering that not many people would actually end up there, yeah, you could say those are big dreams.

Emily took a seat next to me even though Mr. Holland had separated us to the opposite corners of our class. "What was that about?" asked Emily and I shrugged, wondering what that really was about.

I wonder if it was my laugh, I don't laugh that bad do I?

"Hey, Em," she looked up at me while filing her nails, and quirked an eyebrow, for me to continue, "My laugh, is it... bad?" I asked looking down at the desk. She took longer than necessary before responding or attempting to but being cut off by my rant.

"Oh My God! It is bad isn't it? Shit, Emily! Why haven't you told me before?! I knew you hated me! You should have told me! All the while I've just been embarrassing myself by laughing. Curse me for being the funny ray of sunshine that I am!" and to end my rant, I face palmed myself.

"Are you done now?" Emily asked in nonchalance while lifting her nails to her mouth and blowing all excess dust away.

I looked up at her with a puzzled expression on my face. "Seriously, Cassie, if your laugh was really as bad as you're assuming then don't you think I would have shut you up ages ago?"

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