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21: Sweetness

Niall POV:

Jasmin was so excited to meet my parents and my brother. It all went great, my mom loved her. My mom, somehow let her sleep in my bedroom.  The only thing they said we couldn’t do was sleeping in the same bed but well it was great having her in my bedroom. Please don’t get me wrong.

-Your mom is so amazing. – Jazzy said lying on her side facing me from her bed. I was sitting on mine.

 - She really liked you. - It was true my mom was chanted by her.

-Awwn! - She hidded her face in the pillow. I got closer to her and got my arm around her. 

-Loveee dont be shy. - I kissed her head, she carefully lifted up her head. I kissed her on the lips. 

It was passionate until my mom knocked on the door.

I broke the kiss. Sat quickly on my bed like nothing was going on.

-Can I? - my dad said.

-sure. -I said.

- Just came to say good night kids. Sleep well.

-You too sir. - Jazzy said.

-Night dad. - I said. He closed the door and walked away. I could hear his steps down the hallway.

I returnesd back to Jasmin.

-Where were we? - I asked

-I don't know... you tell me. - She said smiling. She knew exactly where we left things.

We stuck to the kissing... unfortunally it wasn't bad but you keep desiring a little more.  None of us wanted to make any of my parents mad.

I kissed her good night and entered my bed. We talked almost for more 2 hours. 


Zayn POV:

After such a party day, I was finally in bed. My dad allowed Sharon to sleep with me tonight if we wouldn't do it. I had to show respect to my family.

Sharon was lying on her side. I had my arm around her.

-Your sister are so sweet. I think Doniya likes me.

- Who wouldn't? - I said kissing her shoulder.

-But your family is a different thing. I have to impress them. - She said serious. Little did she know my whole family loved her.

- They all like you. You'll see it when Safaa wake us up really early. - I said giggling.

-Will she? - Sharon turned around in my arms, now facing me.

- I don’t think she will do it tomorrow. She does it when she gets super comfortable with people. Okay seriously... I'm hoping she won't.

- Will see it then, honey.- She kissed my chin

-Babe no teasing tonight, okay? - I said not knowing if I could handle it.

-Okay then. - She said not moving, just looking to me.

-Let’s sleep. - I lifted and reached the night stand lamp, over Sharon. I turned the light off.

- You making this hard. - She said as I laid back.

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