anger or love ?

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I cant believe he knew about this he couldn't tell me like shit JUSTIN i hate you so much spoiled brat ugh be he's so hot though like ugh

i got so far in my thoughts that i didn't notice i was in my panties and bra looking for clothes

"Dam you look good" i turned around slowly


I blushed hard ugh omg really why now

he was walking slowly up to me while biting his lip i walked halfway i don't know what i was doing it feels like hes controlling my body he wrapped his arms around my waist and i put my arms around his neck

"your so sexy" he whispered in your ear you moaned

"you like that princess" omg whats he doing to me

"jus-tt-in" you moaned and thats what you could only way

he squeezed your butt making you jump he caught you and he walked you to the bed he then went to the door locked it and walked back to you he crawled between your leg you wrapped your legs around his waist he started to kiss you neck you moaned which justin was enjoying

he unclipped your bra and slipped down you panties

"Justin I'm not ready to loose it yet I'm looking for the right one"

"Its fine baby girl i just have to make you feel good then"

he opened your legs wide and he put his head between and all you felt was pleasure


he started to suck and the met you high you started to scream his name

"thats it baby girl scream my name let everyone know whos making you feel good"

you grabbed Justin's face and dragged him up to you and you kissed him but he went back down and it felt like he sucked his hardest and you released while you screamed

Justin picked you up and asked you if you were hungry you said yes you went down stairs but you forgot to put a shirt on justin stopped you he put his shirt over you head

"I love you" he said

" i love you too" you kissed him with all in you

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