Chapter 6- Leaving a Very Shocked, Sad and Angry table of people.

Autumn's P.O.V

We all walked inside to be greeted by Tristan's mother Rebecca.

"Hello darling, you must be Autumn?"

"Yes ma'am I am Autumn you must be Rebecca?"

"Yes darling I am, it is nice to finally meet you. Your dad talks about you all of the time!"

All good things I hope?"

"Haha yes darling all good things."

"Come on then children dinners ready."

We were walking into the kitchen when I heard my mum and dad talking, it seemed really serious. I was going to walk into the kitchen when I was stopped by Rebecca saying that dinner wasn't served yet so we had to wait in the lounge until it is. I offered to help but she said that she could do it by herself. Before I left I heard my dad say that he was going on another business trip. 

Half an Hour later...

The boys and I were watching How I Met Your Mother when Rebecca came in and said that dinner was being served. We all looked at each other with a look like 'What the hell took the sooo long? and 'Should we go in there?' Cautiously we all got up and made our way to the dining room.

We all sat down; James and me on one side, Tristan and Dad on the other, Brad and Connor and finally Rebecca and Mom. 

I was very interested in what my mum and dad were talking about so I decided to bring it up.

Table Conversation...

(Autumn- A) (Dad- D) (Mom- m)

A- So dad how is the company coming along?

D- Ummm great honey, why do you ask?

A- Ahhh you know just intrigued.

I said trying to get him to confess to the business trip.

D- Okay, Tristan Autumn I have something I need to tell you both.

(Tristan- T)

T- Sure what is it dad?

D- Well I am going on another business trip.

T- Ohh ok cool when?

D- Today at 10pm.

T- Ummm dad don't mean to sound rude but why didn't you tell us before.

Completely ignoring Tristan's point I interrupted...

A- How long are you going for?

D- Autumn don't you think that was a bit rude to disregard Tristan's question like that?

He had some nerve asking me that.

A- Just answer my question

By this time everyone was staring at Dad and I. James had noticed this so he held my hand reassuringly.

D- I am going for a year

This just confirmed my thoughts and made me angrier than ever.

A- How could you do that?

D- Do what honey?

A- Oh drop the bullshit act, you know exactly what i'm talking about.

D- Honey what is bothering you?

A- How do you live with yourself? Knowing what you are doing behind mums back.

M- Dave what is she talking about?

A- Are you going to tell her or shall I?

D- Autumn now think about this...

A- I can't believe you, you make me sick

D- How dare you speak to me like that young lady.

A- Ohh just cut the crap. Mum I am soo sorry that you had to hear this from me because your coward of a husband can't admit this to you but he's cheating on you.

M- What is this true Dave?

D- Please just listen...

M- How could you??? You bastard!!

D- Well it's not my fault your a frigid bitch!

(Rebecca- R)

R- I think you should leave now Dave.

D- What no shut up this isn't your problem.

T- Shut the fuck up and don't speak to my mum like that. You think you can just walk in here and play happy families with us. Your a fucking prick and I am ashamed to call you my father. How could you do that to Angela and Autumn? Just leave and don't bother coming back.

A- Don't just stare at us get out!!!!

D- Come on children you don't mean that?

A- Oh we mean everything we said.

T- Now get out.

With that he left leaving a very shocked, sad and angry table of people...

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