6. Change of Plans

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        The drive home from school was agonizing. I swear, all mom talked about was dinner with Aunt Rita, and how she was going to make her special homemade strawberry cake with oranges on top. It sounds nasty, but when you taste it, you always want to go back for more.

         When we arrived home, I ran upstairs to avoid any other conversation. The only thing I was worried about was the book I had gotten from the library.

        "Adeline. Are you forgetting that I needed to talk to you?" Octane asked.

        "Well, start talking." I told her.

        "Okay. So you know how earlier Becky told us that the machine caught another entity?'

        "Yeah? Why?"


        "Adeline! Can you come here please? We need to talk!" I heard mom yell from downstairs.

        Can I get a break for one second?

        I ran down the stairs with my backpack still on. Mom was getting her car keys out. "We have to go!"

        "Wait, what?" I asked, confused of what was going on.

        "Adeline. We have to go see Becky. Right now! This is urgent!"

        "Why?" I looked at her as she frantically searched for her purse.

        "No time to talk, just get in the car! Dad will be there as soon as he can!" She said, pushing me to the door. I ran and got into the passenger seat and waited for mom to come running out of the door.

        "Adeline! Listen, about earlier-"

        "Not now Octane!" I interrupted her. Soon enough, mom came bursting out of the door with luggage and got into the car. "Mom? Why are you bringing luggage? What's this about?!"

        "Adeline. We have to get as far away from the house as possible." She panicked and backed out of the driveway. I continued to stare at her as we drove around the curb. From across the median, I could see three black cars pulling into our driveway.

        "Mom? What are they doing in our driveway? Who are they?" I asked, my voice getting shaky. 

        She looked into the rearview mirror and saw that the cars weren't following us. "Becky called and told us that someone in the facility told the BPCR that you were a danger to society and they were coming to get you. They don't know who it was, but they are making sure that person doesn't say anything else about it."

        "BPCR? What's that?"

        "Bureau of Paranormal Criminal Research. They handle all paranormal activities that could destroy humanity. And they have no mercy whatsoever."

        "But, why would someone call them about that? Everyone at the facility knows I wouldn't hurt anyone!"

        "I've been trying to explain that, but you aren't listening!" Octane yelled. I can tell that she was getting mad. She rarely yells like that.

        "If it is so important to you, then go ahead!" I yelled back at her.

        "Becky was right. Okay? You do have another spirit in you! I just don't know who."

        "Hello? Adeline, are you even listening?" Mom snapped.

        "Hold on mom! Octane is telling me something!" I snapped back.

        "Adeline, this is serious. This one is stronger than I am. I can feel it. If they decide to take over you, I won't be able to protect you. Of course, I would try, but I know for a fact that this one will overpower me. Oh, what are we going to do?"

        "It will be okay Octane. We can figure this out."

        "Adie. This is all my fault! If I would have noticed it sooner, people wouldn't doubt my motives and you would be safe at home, getting ready for dinner with your Aunt Rita and Valerie." I will admit. I would love to be at home with that book or with my diary late at night, sitting at the window, trying to forget all of my problems. But I can't blame this on Octane.

        "No, it's not your fault! I swear it isn't! We both got off of our guards because no one was trying anything. We just have to be careful from now on, alright?"

        "Alright. If you say so." I could hear her getting upset at this whole situation.

        "Now, just let me tell mom what is going on and then we can try and figure this out."

        "Okay." She sighed.


        "Yes?" She looked over at me while still trying to concentrate on driving.

        "Octane said that there was something else in me. And... it is stronger than she is..."


        "So, Octane told you that it's... stronger... than her?" Becky asked.

        "Yes. If it weren't, she would have noticed it by now." I explained.

        "This is bad. Really bad, Adeline. With this unknown spirit in you and the BPCR trying to catch you, this could be life and death. Whatever this spirit is, we don't know its intentions, what it is capable of, or where it came from. This could turn apocalyptic. Did you know that if certain spirits gain control of you, they could possibly send out other spirits from you as well, even ones that aren't already in you? You're a vessel. If you're a vessel, there is a strong possibility that you are open for others as well." Becky paced back and forth.

        "Are you trying to say that this new "spirit" could possibly kill my daughter?" Mom asked with tears threatening to come out.

        "Any of the spirits can. They just chose not to. If we can find a way to either control it or get it out of there, she, and everyone else on the planet, will be safe from it. Now, the possibility of this becoming a major is fifty-fifty, but that doesn't mean that we should take this lightly. I am going to try and find other paranormal specialists to help me. I will only hire the very best." She kneeled down to my eye level. At the moment, I was sitting in a chair, "I promise you that I will try to my best ability to fix this. I will make sure that you are okay and safe."

        "Me too." Octane's voice whispered, causing me to cry.

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