Chapter 18

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Shiri POV:

"Whoa." Gon exclaimed as he stared at Heavens Arena. "Look, it's huge!"

"Yep. That's Heavens Arena." Killua told us.

"Two hundred and fifty-one stories." I added. "Nine hundred, ninety-one meters tall."

"That's the world's fourth tallest building." Killua explained.

"So this is where we'll be training..." Gon trailed off.

The airship landed and we prepared to leave.

"I used up all my money on the trip fare. We'll have to make more here. After we disembark, we start from zero." Killua instructed.

"Okay, got it!" Gon replied enthusiastically.

"Sure!" I nodded.

"Good... Let's go." Killua said as he walked away with me and Gon following.

"Gon." Killua and I called him as he spaced out.

"This is a really long line. Everyone's going to Heavens Arena?" Gon asked as we stared at the long line of people in front of us.

"There aren't any conditions here, like there were for the Hunter Exam. You just have to defeat you opponent." Killua explained.

"Oh..." Gon replied in understanding.

"The higher you go, the more prize money you earn. This is as good as it gets for those looking to make a living with their fists." I told them.

"Have you been here before?" Killua asked with his eyes glinting with curiosity.

I shook my head. "Nope, but I heard if it."

After a long time of waiting, we finally made it to the front.

"Welcome to Heavens Arena. Please fill out this form." The woman told us as she hand us the form.

We filled up the information in minutes and handed it back to her. She typed something in her computer before turning back to us.

"Killua Zoldyck-sama, you are #2054. Gon Freecss-sama, you are #2055. Shirito Rimido-sama, you are #2056. They'll call your number on the first floor of the arena, so make sure you remember it. Then please go ahead." The woman said while pointing to the left.

"Rimido... Shiri-chan, that's your last name?" Gon questioned while walking. "This is the first time that I heard your last name."

I nodded my head. "I don't really use my last name that much, since I already abandoned it."

"Huh?" Killua asked.

"Well, you should know... I came from Meteor City... A city that have been wiped from existence. There are no records of who and how many people are there, so many criminals originated from there. I'm lucky enough to actually have a last name...

By the way... I trust you guys already anyways, well, I'm one them too, the criminals I mean."

"What?" They asked in confusion.

"Well, before I became a Hunter, I had a bounty on my head. Since I was little, I was targeted by most people. And did I mention that I still have the bounty now?"

Killua raised his eyebrow and Gon nodded as we continued to walk down the hallway.



I stared at them weirdly. "And Killua said that I was weird... I think you two are the weird ones. I just said I have a bounty on my head when I was little and this is your reaction? Not surprised?"

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