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Lana's Pov (This is Lana)

My feet trail across the uncomfy, magenta mattress

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My feet trail across the uncomfy, magenta mattress. I have Pot Noodles stacked up amongst the bottles of half-empty water bottles and crumbs of various foods. We had no pick in our rooms beside the bed covers, but we could only have something on the quilt. Of course, I had a pinky/ rose gold type of thing.  But, you could only choose your bedding on one condition, you have to have a roommate, which was fine until I found out my roommate is an absolute bitch.  

Anyways, back to the story...

I slowly open my eyes, revealing a dim wooden room, with old damaged furniture, but the staff just calls it "Shabby Chic." Which is ridiculous by the way. My roommate (Beth) was across on her own bed, With her friend (Sarah)  in her leopard print dressing gown with a little tiny top underneath, and no trousers. She was obviously chatting shit about people, and the thing is, it's probably me.

"How come you're allowed friends over but whenever my half friends step a foot into this room you kick off?" 

"Because my friends aren't idiots"

A faint, bitchy laugh echoes throughout the room, making me want to clap back with a legendary insult, but it's probably best to keep my mouth shut. 

"Well I'm going to the shower, !" I say, in an annoyed, bitchy tone. I grab my towels and head off to the boiler room, which is downstairs, It takes a little bit of energy to walk there and back, no matter spending about 10 minutes just trying to try and turn the boiler on. Finally, the waters on! I take a deep breath and go to the showers, where every single stall is taken. Which is strange, people don't normally start showering until it hits 12 PM. I decide to wait and go on my cracked iPhone 5, which may seem like a luxury to some, but I have bad eyes so any less than the iPhone 5 and I would've died.

After what feels like an eternity, I'm finally in and out of the shower, steam, shampoo, and body wash loom the air and clog up my nostrils; feeling like I can't even breathe whilst rubbing my hair violently with a towel, trying to get it dry. My hair makes a clacking sound as it bounces off my shoulders. I wrap a towel around me and wash my face. Girls come in and out of the cubicles, giving people the side eye and yawning, you can tell who's a morning person. I pop my soap and glory face washes with my shower stuff in this handy little bag, which has been a lifesaver. I get dressed in my pink top which says "Girl Power" A with my light wash ripped jeans rolled up and some ugg boots; It can't be all about looks!

I style my hair into two braids, which takes about 5 minutes since my hair has only just reached my shoulder bone. I put my little glasses on and get on about my day.  I go into my room and my roomies' friend is sat next to her, straightening the back of her hair.

B:"Took you long enough looser, now don't fuck this up, I'm going to meet my future family"

L:"What are you talking about?" I look at her, slightly confused

B:"Ugh, I wasn't gonna tell you but someone's coming to be adopting"

S:"I heard it's a single gay man" Her friend distinctly pops over her shoulder and states

B:"OMG! I must be getting bullied, and then I can totally benefit from it and maybe get a tv show!"

S:"OMGEE! Like the Kardashians?"

B:"Omg! You totally get me!"

L:" Yeah I'm about to get out of her and hopefully never hear anymore OMG's again."

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