Ratliff's Birthday

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Rydel's POV

Few weeks later...
We're traveling to Calgary now.This past month has been amazing! I loved doing concert for the European R5 family and it has been awesome to do concerts here in Canada.Tomorrow is Ratliff's Birthday and his parents are coming to the tour.I'm preparing a little surprise for him,Ell have always wanted to spend his 21st birthday in Las Vegas and he won't be able to because the last concert in the Canadian part of the tour is in Calgary and in his birthday but me trying to be an amazing girlfriend talked to Ryland and my dad and we're going to Las Vegas before Los Angels just to celebrate Ratliff's birthday.Everyone is gonna meet us in Calgary.Including Kylie that was traveling with her family in family vacation to Thailand and Alexa,Rocky's new girlfriend and one of my closest friend who was living in New York but now is back in LA.We're in the airport waiting for our plan to get ready.I have my head laid in Ratliff's lap and was listening to some music while waiting for the plan and he's just playing some game in his iPad.I fell a flash on us and when I look up,I see Cheryl taking photos of us.My mom and Cheryl must be in some kind of competition to see who takes more photos of me and Ratliff because every time I look at then,they're taking a photo or with the iPhone in hands about to take a photo.Andre tells us the plan is ready and we got up picking our hand bags.

Rydel:I'm really tired...I wouldn't mind being carried to the airplane even by a stranger.

Everyone laughs and I start walking to the exit when I fell someone picking me up in bridal style.I look up and see Ratliff.I smile and put my arms around his neck.

Ratliff:I'm an amazing boyfriend,remember?

Rydel:Yeah,kind of.

I smirk at him and he kisses my cheek.Ratliff truly is an amazing boyfriend.He made me a big surprise by taking me out on a date in the top of the Eiffel Tower when we got back to Paris to do press.It was so romantic and he gave me a necklaces with two hearts,one green and another silver that means April and August.We went to the plan,me being carried bridal style.After 2 hours flight,we arrived at Calgary.We went straight to the hotel and into our rooms.I went to take a shower while Ratliff sits in bed watching vines,his new obsession.

Ratliff's POV

We're in Calgary and tomorrow is my birthday.I know Rydel is up something but I also know she won't tell me.After I'm done watching vines,I go on Instagram.The first photo that comes up it's my moms.It's me and Rydel in the airplane waiting for our plan.

"@ratliffsmomr5 - Spotted a cute couple in the airport. 😍😍 @rydelr5 and @ratliffr5"

I like her photo and go through my feed.Rydel leaves her shower and shows up in the room using only a tower.I look up at her and she raises her eyebrows



Rydel:Okayy...what are you seeing over there?

She points to my phone and I show her the photo that my mom posted.She smiles and smirks at me.

Rydel:What are you planning in doing tomorrow?

Ratliff:I might have to play a concert...

Rydel:Stop the jokes...It's your birthday...what you fell like doing?

Ratliff:I might wanna go clubbing,maybe...I don't know,I wish I could go to Las Vegas but we're on tour

She sits next to me picking my hands

Rydel:We can always go to Vegas in my birthday...it's not on tour

Ratliff:Yeah...but I'm not letting you go to Vegas

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