8: haunting memories

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I was in a state of shock and reality when I heard the front door slam shut. that says a lot I live in a three story house and my room is on the third floor furthest to the back.

"Rosaline you bitch were are you" my dad screamed

even though he wasn't my real dad he was more of a father to me that my real parents.

he wasn't always like this

mum maid him happy

but she was gone and it was my fault.

*****flashback ******

"Rosa please calm down"she begged

"oh fuck this" I screamed digging the blade further into my wrist

I begin to bleed uncontrollabley.

I took another shot of whiskey and picked up my keys

she was screaming at me to stop as I drunkly wobble down the stairs.

but I ignore her and get in my car it begins to rain as I search for the right key.

the passages door opens a my mother gets in the car.

"Rosa honey calm down" she says

but I already start the ignition


I press down on the gas

"Floor it!" I belched

"rosa!" she screams

and before I know it her body goes flying through the wind srean.

******end flashback ******

the sad part is I don't even remember was I was so mad.

all I can remember was being happy up until that day.

I got up and closed my door and sat in my bath tub.

the Cliche place for a cutter. hey if I die I wouldn't want to stain his beautiful carpet.

just six more months I thought


bada bing bada boom

tell me what you think

always open your opinions and advice thanks everyone for reading

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