Chapter 2

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5 years later...

I was sitting at a bar, not getting drunk, just eating. My friend, Janelle AKA Xxgamer-girlxX, walked up to me and said,

"We need you for a mission." she says. I stand up and reply,

"Let's get to it then!"

I haven't been on a mission after that one 5 years ago.

I walk up to the mission area to see Chris standing there waiting for me.

"Holly, I have been waiting for you." he says.

"I know." I reply.

Someone walks up to me, a man (a hot one too,)

I ask, "Do i know you?"

"My name is Piers Nivans and I was the person that was getting choked by Wesker."

It gives me a flashback. I shake my head side to side.

"Nice to meet you." I say.

"You too." he replies.

We go to a place where we stop for a while and take a break.

We hear some one from behind shout, "Sherry Birkin, National Security!"

"Sherry Birkin,daughter of William Birkin?" Chris says.

"How do you know about me?" she asks.

"My sisters told me all about you." he answers her question.

"Wait, are you Chris?"

What happens next.

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