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"Aran, Peck, I am ashamed in both of you," The King of Harthin said to his two sons. 

"You have destroyed this kingdom, and turned all the people against each other for your petty fight over my throne," The King growled at the two men. 

"It's Peck's fault, I'm older so I should get it by default. He shouldn't even have the right to claim it," Aran said, his ragged dark hair framing his pale face and light blue eyes. 

"I am the stronger son, so it is only fair that I get the throne," Peck said, his green eyes glaring at his older brother. 

"I decide who takes my throne, not you. Now there is no throne to take, since you have killed the kingdom of Harthin. You split the people into two parts, and you based it off of their appearance. All the people who have black hair and green eyes are calling themselves Arani," The King said, giving Aran a look that could have burnt through metal. 

"You Peck are not any better, taking everyone with brown hair and green eyes and having them call themselves Peckites," The King said, glaring at his other son. 

"Father, I simply complimented people that look like me, I didn't force them to join me," Peck said defensively. 

"You did promise them high positions in your court though," The King said, Peck simply shrugged. 

"You two have destroyed this kingdom, sending all the people who don't fit your descriptions running for fear of their lives. I am ashamed to call you my sons, and will punish you," The King said, standing on his frail legs. He pounded his staff on the ground, a ripple of power pulsing off of its surface. 

"I curse everyone who calls themselves Peckites and all those who call themselves Arani to a never-ending battle between each other. Then for you two, I curse you to an eternal hate for each other and    a life that doesn't end. You will be forced to see your people's kill each other until you are the only two left in this broken kingdom. This curse will only be broken when two softened hearts will bridge the gap between your people and restore the kingdom of Harthin," The King said as he collapsed on his throne, all his powers and life energy taken out of him. 

Peck and Arani's eyes narrowed and they launched at each other angrily as the eternal battle began. 

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