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Well guys this is my first fan fiction about Tom Hiddleson but also my first story all together I hope you enjoy it..... So here goes.

This fan fiction is about a girl with such a shady past she doesn't think she can love again because of what happened to her, but on her travels will she finally find the one or will the same happen to her again.

(Courteneys POV)

"Come on Courtney, We have to leave like right now or we will be late" I hear Jayne calling out to me from the car.

"I'm coming keep your hair on" I yell back 

Jayne and I have been best friends since primary school shes like a sister to me and we've decided to go on holiday for a week to London, Even though we live in Newcastle and we could of gone anywhere but we both want to explore London together because its such an amazing place I go there every chance i get. I climb into Jayne's car and we set of on out advenure together

"This week is going to great Courtney, Maybe you will find...The one" She says smiling at me with such caring eyes.

"I know i just can't wait till we get there Its going to be such an exhausting journey and come on Jayne i doubt that as soon as I tell them just how my past is they will probably go running for the hills, I just don't think its going to happen to me" I say with a frown filling my face with disappointment. 

"Hay" she snapped "Don't think like that ever someone is out there for you and if they truly love you they will accept what happened and will still love you know matter what" Jayne says with such care in her voice and eyes.

"Thank you Jayne, You really are such a great friend" My mood turns from depressing to exited and definitely looking forward to the week ahead.

We finally arrive at the hotel we are staying at after about five hours of driving luckily the traffic was on our side so we didn't have to endure to much of it, I hate traffic. We go round back to find a parking space, Once we are parked up we drag our cases out  of the boot at make our way to the entrance. We go in to be welcomed but a young looking guy maybe in his late 20s with a name tag on, His name is Justin.

Good afternoon ladies and welcome The Jones Hotel how may i help you? He says with a warm smile and I instantly fell welcome.

"Hello, Yeah I have a booking reservation under the name Williams, We booked it last week" I say giving him back a warm smile.

"Okay ladies let me just check that for you" He answers back

As we wait for a reply i have a quick look around its all modern and sleek with such beautiful furniture and great pictures.

"I here we are Miss.Williams, Yes you have a booking for a double room, Your staying here for a week. He says drawing our attention back to him., He hands me over a key with the number 21 on it.

"Thank you very much" we both say in unison, while we bend to grab our cases and head for the elevator. 

We get to our a room ad have a look around its the same furniture as down in the lobby with modern sleek furniture, with two large double beds, Jayne drops her case and jumps on the one closest to the window. 

"Dibs on this one" She says as she flops on the bed.

"So what are we doing tonight then, Do you fancy going for a meal?" I aks while hearing my stomach growling at me.

"Yeah lets and while we are at tea we can talk about how we are going to spend out week in London, I know for a definate that we are going out one night but just for a couple of drinks" Jayne says while unpacking and trying to find something to wear tonight.

"Sounds like a plan hun but first i also need to figure out what im wearing tonight" I say starting to rumbage through my case luckily i packed some eligant dresses i pick a black cocktail dress that lands just below my knees with a lace back at the top and lace arms, Its the best dress i have, I pick a black pair of heels not to high where i'm breaking my neck in them, Im not good with high heels. Jayne on the other hand has picked a white frilly dress that stops just above her knees with more detail on than mine does and her heels are much higher than mine but then again she has had more experiance in heels than i have.

"Wow Jayne you look amazing hun" I stand looking her up and down.

"Thank you hun, but me what about you, your stunning darling"

Jayne is all tall and slim with legs that never stop and blond hair thats just as beautiful as she is, where as I on the other hand I'm small I would say im slim but i have brown curly hair other than blond, But she think I'm just as beautiful but I think shes absolustly stunning.

"Come on lets go hun I have made a reservation for 7 and its 6:30 now we dont want to be late, I get  taxi since we we will have a couple of drinks" I say to Jayne trying to shoo her out the door.

We finally get a taxi in busy London and make our way to the resturaunt. The jouney is only a 10 minuite ride away.

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