Chapter 30

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Shawn P.O.V.

" Where Tf is Kailee at ?" I asked myself as I left school. School just ended I blew up her phone and she ain't answer so lemme go to her house.

" Kailee!!" I yelled knocking on the door. She opened it.

" What little boy ?" She asked and gave me a hug.

" The hell you hug me for?" I asked her. She started laughing we got into the house and there was a big black duffle bag in the living room.

" Where y'all been at ?" I asked them.

" With Ace." Kailee said.

" Why the fuck you ain't call me and why you been with him !?" I asked , she just pissed me off.

" Ine call you cause ine had no phone , and I was with him cause ine had no choice." She said.

" Man you had a fucking choice , don't try and play me Kailee." I said.

" Ine had no choice because he basically kidnapped me and Chanel." She said.

" Yeah uh huh." I said.

" Think we lying ?" Kailee asked.

" Yeah." I said. She showed me her wrist.

" Ima kill this nigga , where the fuck he at ?" I asked her.

" He's in jail." She said.

" In jail ?" I said.

" Yeah he turn himself in and left me all this money." She said grabbing the duffle bag and unzipping it.

" What he leave you this money for ?" I asked.

" Because he said I deserve it, and he's sorry." She said.

" So he in jail huh. How you know ?" I asked her.

" I dropped him off to the police station." She said.

" Damn and you couldn't have called a nigga once?" I asked.

" Shawn shutup and kiss me." She said as Chanel walked out.

" Nah you be with that fake shit." I said.

" It ain't nothing fake about me." She said. She grabbed my shirt and she kissed me.

D.J. P.O.V.

3 weekssss later...

" D.j.  " K.J. said scaring the shit out of me.

" Nigga you back !" I yelled. The doctors came running in.

" Man what happen ?" K.J. asked trying to sit up.

" I'll tell you later, hol up." I said smiling. My nigga back.

" Aye Doc he woke up !!" I yelled the doctors came running in. I pulled out my phone and called Kailee.

" Hello?" She answered.

" Aye man you wouldn't believe it." I said.

" What happen ?" She asked.

" K.J. up man bring y'all ass down here." I said.

" You lying D.J." She said.

" Nah I'm dead ass come see for ya self." I said then hung up.

" How are you feeling ?" The doctor asked K.J.

" Aight , I guess." K.J. said.

" My nigga okay." I said.

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