Hear me out

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All I could see were the eyes. The large hazel eyes that were glowing. They were staring at me. What really got to me was that they looked like my eyes. My hazel eyes.

I was breathless. I think my heart literally stopped in that moment.

When those eyes got closer to me the body that went with it showed, a dark brown wolf. A body that was twice the size of a normal wolf.

Slowly it stepped out until the entire body was out of hiding and in my view.

When I finally came back to reality I let out one ear piercing scream, turned around, and sprinted.

My feet worked in over time. Even with these huge black heels my feet, I worked harder than they normally would.

I never looked back.

I turned the corner to my house. Relief washed through me. I ran even faster than before towards my home. As I ran I pulled out my keys to get inside. When I looked into my clutch I tripped and fell.


I flipped over on my back to better help myself in getting up. My feet hurt, now my legs, arms and hands were minorly scrapped up.

The animal was walking up to me. It followed me the whole way. I backed up on the ground as the over-sized wolf walked to me. The strides were larger than I could back up.

My breathing increased and my eyes blurred with tears.

Lil was talking but I was too far into my own thoughts that I couldn't hear her.

He was only inches away from me now. The wolf had its paws on my wrists holding me down, once it reached me. It bent its head down and nuzzled me? My mouth was definitely gaped open and my eyes were wide, like a fish. When it pulled its overly large head away, he licked me.

I don't know why, but something about the gesture seemed like it happened before.

He then released me and backed up slightly. The next thing he did was sit down in front of me. I used my arms to sit up. I just stared at him. He stood up again and looked behind him. Then another wolf appeared. This one was light brown speckled with grey and glowing green eyes. He was smaller than the other wolf.

What really got to me was the boy that was walking next to it. I couldn't see him much but he had on a pair of jeans and a white shirt covered with his all black leather jacket.

As the boy walked up I could see more detail to him. He had curly burgundy hair the fell down his shoulders to frame his slightly round but squared face. What really stood out, though, was his eyes. He had the same hazel eyes as the wolf and as... me.

He smiled showing me his bright white teeth. "Hey. It's okay. We won't hurt you."

"Wh... who... What d- d- do you wa- want?" I managed to stutter out.

"I'm Jace. We just want to talk to you."

I laughed somewhat hysterically. "About?"

"Well. How do I put this?" He paused as if searching for the right word. "You aren't who you think you are." It came out more as a question then a statement.

I was confused. I furrowed my brows. "What?" I don't understand.

"Look you won't believe me right now just," He reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone, "Call the number in this phone before your birthday next week." He walked up to me and held it out for me to take. I just stared at it, still confused and in shock. "Take it."

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