16: Is It A Date?

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"Thanks for meeting me here," Mr.Dorzen says to Esmerelda as she walks into the Friendly's.

"Yeah, sure," Esmerelda says nervously. "Why did you ask me to come? We can't be together."

"Well we're not in school, so legally we can just be friends," Mr.Dorzen laughs.

"Yeah friends... no one wants to be friends with you," she tries to say confidently.

"Hey you can't say that I'm your teacher," Mr.Dorzen says strictly making Esmerelda freeze in nervousness.

Then she feels he is joking so to check she says, "Not out here. Out here you and I are equal meaning I can say whatever I want."

"Yeah I know I'm just messing with you," he smiles, "I know this is sort of weird, but I'm already having fun."

"Yeah me too," Esmerelda smiles.

"How many?" A woman in a Friendly's uniform asks.

"Oh uh party for two," Mr. Dorzen asks her.

They walk over to the table and the waitress says, "Hi my name is Shelly, I will be taking your orders. Can I get the lovely couple a couple of drinks?"

"Oh we're not... a couple," Esmerelda stutters.

"We're just two college buddies catchin up on old times," Mr. Dorzen adds in quickly.

"Oh okay then, sorry for the misunderstanding," Shelly says, "Drinks?"

"I'll take a water," Mr.Dorzen says.

"Uh I'll take a pink lemonade," Esmerelda says.

"Sounds great, I'll be back with those in a few minutes," Shelly walks off in a perky style.

"Sorry should I have ordered water?" Esmerelda asks.

"No no! You can get whatever you want, I usually just get water until my meal comes," Mr.Dorzen laughs.

"Oh that's smart," Esmerelda says.

"So seeing to how we don't know much about each other tell me about yourself," Mr.Dorzen says.

"Oh my gosh you talk so much like a teacher," Esmerelda laughs, "I feel like I'm at an interview."

"Oh I'm sorry what should I have said? Hey girl what up? Tell me bout yo'self," Mr.Dorzen says in a "gangster" voice.

"Please don't ever do that again," Esmerelda says smiling in pure shock.

"Deal, just tell me something about yourself," Mr.Dorzen says.

"Well I'm a senior," Esmerelda starts off, "I really love music, oh and I really love cats."

"I only like kittens, I can't deal with the big cats," Mr.Dorzen laughs.

"Yeah they're so adorable when they are kittens." Esmerelda sits quietly and then continues, "My sister is Jewls. One of my best friends in the band is Isaac and of course Serenity and Erika."

"I figured," Mr.Dorzen laughs, "What are some of your favorite things to do?"

"Well I use to be big into gymnastics," she laughs, "I love to swim. I don't know... I love music."

"Me too, minus the gymnastics," Mr. Dorzen laughs, "I love to swim and I love music. I'm always playing my guitar at home, messing around with melodies and lyrics."

"Oh so you write music?" Esmerelda smiles.

"No I just sing random stuff."

"Random stuff turns into music," Esmerelda laughs, "I mean look at 'Call Me Maybe.' Now that is random."

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