A chance of hope

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I hand the old man his coffee

"Is that all sir " I ask him he looks up at me

"Yes thank you VERRY much sweetheart " he smiles at me and I walk over to the counter

"Hey harmony would you mind locking up for me ?" Melony asks she is pretty she is like one of those tumblr girls with perfect long blonde hair and blue eyes

"Yeah shure no problem "

"Thanks " she say hugging me beffore she leaves

I am the only one left in the small diner except that old man he is sitting at a booth reading his newspaper I decide to let him Finnish his coffee before closeting He leaves and I close up I take off me apron and hang it up I turn off the lights and lock the door before leaving it's cold outside and it's dark I pull my jacket closed and my purse close to my body I start to walk to where I parked my car and I hear sobs coming from the alley I turn toward the alley and I see a dark figure sitting against the wall

"Hello?" I ask the person looks up at me it's a boy around my age with dark hair and light eyes

"What do you want ?" he asks his voice breaking and he wipes away tear I walk over to him and sit in front of him

"What's wrong ?" I ask

"It doesn't matter I was abused I ran away my girlfriend broke up with me and kicked me out my family wants nothing to do with me and I'm done " he says his voice breaking at the end

"What's your name ?" I ask

"Anthony . yours?"


"That's a beautiful name " he says

"Thank you ...god " I say and I put my hand over my eyes

"What?" he asks

"I can't believe I'm doing this ..but ." I stand up and offer him a hand and I help him up I grab his hand and lead him to my car

"What are you doing ?" he asks

"I'm taking you home "

"So now Im a lost puppy "he says sarcastically we get to my car

"No I'm giving you a place to crash for as long as you need " I unlock the car and I get in the drivers side I turn the car on and I turn off the radio and Anthony is still just sitting there

"You coming ?" I ask him he gets in we sit in silence we get to my apartment building

"This is us "I say as I grab my bag and I get out he follows me closely i walk into the lobby

"Hello miss banks " I say to the woman who lives next to me

"Hello harmony" she says

"Need help with your groceries ?" I ask

"Oh would you ?" she says I hand Anthony my purse

"Hold this " and I grab a few bags

And we take the elevator up her apartment we get to mine and I search though my purse for my keys

"Your really nice " he says

"Mhm thanks ...... " I mumble still searching "aha ! got em " I unlock the door to reveal my apartment I have a big open kitchen and wood floors and my couch is a circular couch and my counter is in the back and there is a bathroom on the side and a hallway that leads to my room and my guest room

"Wow you have a beautiful apartment " he says

"Thanks " I say as I slip off my shoes I put my purse down on the kitchen counter

"Are you hungry ?" I ask

"Yeah " he says sitting at the counter

I make him something to eat and I show him his room and I go to bed

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