4 hours

I got four flippin hours of sleep, and then I was woken up by a little girl pouncing on me screaming about how we were going to be late.

Well, I guess I could sleep a little until I have to get Jonah ready for school, and a few more hours before I have to leave for work. Yeah, I guess that'll work.

'Okay, okay, I'm up. Did you already wake Macy?" I rubbed my eyes and slowly made my way out of bed. Making sure to grab my slippers on the way.

"Yes, she made me breakfast and told me to wake you up and tell you that she had to leave."

"Alright, I'll have to thank her later. Now, go grab your shoes, I'll get your lunch and backpack and meet you outside. The bus comes around 8:15, we shouldn't be that late." She ran off and I made my way down stairs, picking up two apples on the way. Stuffing one in my mouth and throwing one in a bag for Jo along with a few other things.

I swear, I'm not as bad of a guardian as I probably sound like right now. You have to understand that I'm like a zombie, working on four hours on sleep.

So we were a little dysfunctional, a little unorganized, and a lot running late.

I knew this would happen. This always happens, even if I get ready an hour early, we always seem to be running around at the last minuet, or going just above the speed limit so we would get there in time but not get pulled over.

So there we were, running out just as the bus stops in front of our house. I managed to get her backpack on her little body as she ran towards the bus. I smiled at the driver as she was getting on but stumbled back a little as a felt something ram into me at full speed. I looked down to see her hugging my legs tightly.

"Thank you Kitty, I love you." I wrapped my arms around her. "I 'll see you after school!"

"Bye Jo, Have a good day at school!" She ran off as fast as her little legs would take her. Smiling and waving from her seat on the bus as it took off down the street and went out of sight in our little broken down neighborhood.

I sighed as I walked inside and fell into the couch. Sighing loudly as I fell. Wow, my life has come to a lot. Between my job and Jo being in school now. But as I sat there, Macy and Jo gone, I guess I felt empty. I had nothing to do while they were both gone. So I basically sat there all day, thinking of something to do. I came up with a list of things for other days. But today was a lazy day, trying to get used to my new hectic lifestyle.


So by the time I got to work, I had gotten about five more hours of sleep. (Not including the time I spent getting Jonah off the bus, listening to all of her stories, and made her some dinner) So I opened up shop and waited.

And waited

And waited

The older lady had showed up again, making so nice conversation. And of course psycho had to show up. Not to buy anything, oh no, as she says she "Can't buy anything from a shop with such low standards" so she came to tell me that my boss would be coming to speak to me and yhada yhada yhada. To which I kindly told her that if she wasn't going to buy anything that she would have to leave the premises or I would have no choice but to call the authorities.

Katie: 1

Mrs. Psycho: 0

When she left with a glare I smirked in triumph. Can't catch me, Im the ginger bread man.

I wonder if Harry is gonna show up?

oh yeah, you want the killer to show up again

But he was nice! You have to admit that, he didn't say anything bad

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