It was now Monday and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I roll over and fell straight out of bed. I groan and stand up. I walk over to my closet and grab my school clothes. I walk to the bathroom and have a shower. I do my usual morning routine and wait for the boys to get here. Luke texted me about half an hour ago saying they’re going to come pick me up.

“Madie, can I talk to you please?” Ryker asks once I come back into my room.

“Yeah, sure. What’s up?” I ask.

“Yesterday when I cut my hand, mum was throwing some dishes at the wall. I was picking up some of the big broken pieces and got cut by one. I don’t even know why she was throwing the plates at the wall,” he admits.

“Ryker, is your hand alright now? Or do you need stitches or something?” I ask, concern clear in my voice.

“Yea I’m fine. Your birthday’s this weekend, right?” he asks.

“Yea, on Sunday. Why?”

“Just wondering,” he says and walks out.

I grab my iPod and put it in the iPod dock I won from a competition one time. I put on All Time Low and just lied on my bed. The music was up loud so I didn’t know when people were going to come into my room. I was getting bored so I got up and picked up my old, broken guitar. I walk in front of my bed and play my guitar. I was singing to the music as well. It was fun; just rocking out like there’s no care in the world. My music was up so loud I didn’t even hear the boys walk in.

“Go Madie!” I hear someone say. I think it was Ashton.

I immediately stopped doing what I was doing and ran over to my iPod dock. I turn to the boys and they were all laughing at me. I run out of my room and into Ryker’s.

“Madie, what are you doing? Are you hiding?” he asks, chuckling a little as I hide under his blankets.

“The boys are laughing at me because I was rocking out to All Time Low and singing and stuff,” I say.

“Madie, I’m sure they didn’t mean to,” Ryker says.

“Madie, come on. We didn’t mean to laugh and hurt your feelings. Please come out,” I hear Luke call out. I smile.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Ryker asks.

“No reason,” I say.

“Oh, my gosh, you like Luke!” he says in one of those girly voices.

“What? No, of course I don’t,” I say while laughing.

“Yes you do! Awh, that’s so cute,” he says just as Luke comes through the door.

‘What’s cute?” Luke asks, looking completely clueless.

“Nothing is,” I say quickly and glare at my brother. He puts his hands up in surrender and I leave his room.

“You okay?” Luke asks.

“Yeah, just really embarrassed you guys saw that,” I say, chuckling.

“It was funny. That’s the first time I’ve seen you not care,” Luke says.

“Yeah well you should’ve caught it on camera because that’s a rare moment,” I state.

“Believe me, I did. The boys didn’t though,” he says, waving his phone in my face.

“Pass me your phone! I need to delete the video,” I yell.

“You just said I should’ve got it on video so I did,” he says, laughing and keeping his phone out of reach.

I jump up trying to reach his phone but it didn’t work as he was too tall. Soon the other boys appeared.

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