[[ Bluhbluhbluh, nothing really mentioned here besides language. Also, this is a casual reminded that sex ≠ love. This comes into play at the end, but there's no sex in this chapter. Next one though. ;P ]]

At lunch, Alex found the cafeteria pretty quickly and walked in, studying the room. It was quite large, and quite loud. He crinkled his nose before  shrugging, walking towards the farthest corner like he was instructed to do. What he found there was his friend and two of the boys in the corner of the classroom earlier dispensed among a table, the one he knew smiling brightly and motioning at him. He nodded and sat beside him, focusing on Jack as he spoke. “Alex, these are my friends. Rian and Josh. They’re pretty fuckin’ chill,” He nodded, smiling as the shorter boy mumbled a ‘hey’. Any worries he had were washed away when his friends smiled and returned the greeting, much more polite than expected.

However, his worry was quickly replaced with annoyance as his girlfriend bounced over. That’s not what annoyed him, though. What annoyed him was how she behaved and the other girl who appeared later. First of. after being introduced to Alex, Holly just looked at him and then continued to talk to Jack about cheer practice. He rolled his eyes when he got a chance, but otherwise nodded. That is, until the other girl, a brunette, came over and distracted his girlfriend. He looked over at Alex and gave a half shrug, sighing.

“Who are they?” Alex questioned, feeling out of the loop. His friend nodded before speaking. “The blonde’s Holly. She’s my girlfriend. Quite honestly, I have no clue about the other girl,” He admitted as Alex looked back over at the two girls. A moment later, they looked at him, surprisingly pausing their giggling. Holly then whispered something into the brunette’s ear, looking at Alex the whole time. The brown haired girl laughed, and then they were both giggling. The boy looked away then, frowning some. “I don’t like them,” He stated, and Jack snorted. “Yeah?” He glanced at the sandy haired male, who nodded. “Yeah.”

Jack shrugged at that, watching him still. “I mean, I love my girlfriend and all, but she can be loud and annoying as fuck. Her friends are always like that,” He explained, making the other scrunch up his nose. “I’m not down for loud.” He replied, turning to the taller of the two, who nodded and smiled some. “I don’t really care anymore. Anyways, uh, Alex. Wanna come over and start the project after school?” He asked, surprised at the way Alex’s face lit up. “Yeah! If your parents are cool with and all, obviously.” The bell rang now, and the two boys continued to talk as they began to walk. “My parents aren’t home when I am. Chill out,” He stated, messing up Alex’s hair briefly. “Meet me at the main doors?” He nodded, leaving as soon as the blonde bounced up next to Jack.

The day dragged on, with Alex having awkward encounters with his teachers. Nothing too bad though; More so just talking with the teacher, which was for the most part okay with him. At the end of his last class, he returned to the locker he’d figured out was his before lunch (with Jack’s assistance) to shove his things into his backpack. Once that was done, he slammed his lock-less locker shut, and began to take wide strides towards the front of the school.

Jack was already there, and Alex smiled widely as he approached him, getting a grin in return. “Hey, Jack. So, uh, I was kind of wondering how you get home? Since you’re parents aren’t home, I assume they’re working, and I don’t enjoy buses, but as long as I can sit with you it should be cool and stuff.” The taller male was about to respond, it seemed, before he was interrupted by that darn blonde again. Holly, Alex reminded himself. She was giddy and bouncy, leaning up to kiss Jack’s cheek and hang on his arm some. “Hi, babe! Can I come over after practice later? Lisa’s busy, and I haven’t talked to your mom in forever!” That’s all Alex was zoned in for, until his friend took hold of the situation. “Woah- Calm down, Hol. I wish you could, but Alex is already comin’ over. Beat you to the punch,” He shrugged some, and the brunette felt a smile tug at his lips. Any traces of it were wiped away when the girl looked at him with a huff. “Jack! Please?” He shook his head, kissing her quickly. “Tomorrow, maybe. You’re gonna be late to practice if you don’t hurry.”

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