R you serious!!

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A/N: okay I'm go up to 4 mouths so y'all can know what she having

Rico {POV}

I woke up this morning and I look to my right and see nothing but an empty bed and I got up and smelled blueberry pancakes and Bacon and I got up quick and I herd laughing and I wend downstairs to see my niggas from Atlanta it was June, Mike,bone,and Jake I went up to them and dapped them up

"ayee wassup y'all when y'all get here " I said sitting down

" nigga we got her an hour ago and yo girl was trippin and shit going off on us " Mike goffy ass said

" shut yo crybaby ass up Mike and get a damn life before I call Maria she gone whoop that ass" June said

" nigga suck my dick and gobble my ball punk ass" Mike said

" both of y'all shut up dumb ass niggas" Jake said

I laughed at these niggas and looked over at bone and he was hella quiet

" yo bone wassup nigga " I said

" shit chilling as usual " bone said scratching. his head

" you a damn lie his girl prego and she cheated on him twice with his brother " Mike nosey ass said

" damn nigga that's fucked up "  I said

" I know man " bone said

then I forget I didn't talk to my baby destiny and I went in the kitchen and she wasn't there and I walked out

" ayye y'all seen destiny " I asked them walking around

" she left " Jake said

" what you mean she left when was this" I asked

" she made her sum to eat and that's when we came and she just left that was about 1 hour and 30 mins now" Mike said

" I told her about -- man hold on who she leave with" I asked grabbing my phone

" she was he'll pist and she said she Not driving yo damn car and I guess she walked" Mike said

" ight I be right back " I said going upstairs

I ran up the stairs and called destiny and she answered on the 6 ring

me- where the fuck are you

destiny - nigga don't talk to me like that the fuck wrong with you and I'm out

me- u can't tell no fucking body u leaving

destiny - fuck no ask that bitch crystal where she at yo strip club hoe bye

she hung up in my face how rd she know about crystal that's new and I haven't proposed yet I wanted to propose when our seed out and her doctor appointment is in like a few hours I go back downstairs

" that girl trippin" I said

" what happen bruh" Mike said

" she found out about crystal" I said

" stripper crystal " bone&&Jake said

" yah her " I said

destiny walk in with Trina and ty and she look at me and roll her eyes and Trina and ty run up to me and hug me

" I miss you daddy" they both said

" I miss y'all too take y'all stuff upstairs "

" okay daddy" they said running upstairs

" I be right back I gotta go talk to this girl" I said

they laughed at me and yelled whipped!!! I just looked at them and Shaked my head

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