Chapter 4

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Warning writer's note : Charlene surname is McCarty.


"Loser,WOW have you ever noticed how your first name and Loser start with same letter coincidence ? Whatever meet me in janitor's closet the one next to the nurses's office ... you will be interested to find out what I have to say about the kiss of luck.

Your true foe "

I may not put myself to be a human, but sometimes I act like the human that I am. The curiosity that feed on the human brain until the deed is done can be overwhelming, but having my kind of concision my curiosity was gone. I looked around the classroom, for any kind of suspicion like the she-devil herself but nothing just students busy drooling and throwing daggers at Mr. Montessori. As my concision kept repeating constantly ' its a trap, throw the paper and act like it never existed'

Last glance and I threw the piece of paper in the bin that was only few meters away. If I left it in my hands I would had be an accomplice in the crime as the person who wrote it. As I concentrated in the last few minutes of the lesson, the bell rang and out of the blue.

"Miss. McCarty and Miss Saracen please stay after class, the rest of the class can be dismissed"

After that little announcement everyone started packing and doing those noises and faces ' you are in trouble'

" I don't know how you used to do things, but I will not tolerate that kind of behavior , since its first day of school I let you off with a warning " said Mr. Montessori.

We both nodded.

"Miss McCarty you are dismissed Miss Saracen can you stay a while longer."

As she rose her head up and gave me a wicked grin and than started swaying her hips, she has an idea that when she do that she looks sexy but the truth is she look like a mule with a heavy load on her back. Giving one last glance to the classroom and than one glance at the teacher the way she bit her lip was like she was doing the dirty deed, that's is so disgusting I can believe those thoughts even cross her mind. Than she stomped out almost taking the door with her.

" Levana, I am in the between here. In a way I am furious because we now better than to scoop to their leave, it wasn't your place to speak out and with that kind of tone, but in a way your intension were aiming to the right direction, but remember with the right intension smwe forget that sometimes their are consequence for the actions we do. But in way I understand I am nothing if I am not understandable you are spending so much time around them that in way you are getting affecting in the way you speak but I can say I am glad you stepped up for me because I forgot how different life is out of our circle I can't believe they even ask those question don't they have any respect for themselves. "

" Daniel ... Sir Montessori I know what you are saying. And trust me they have no respect for themselves or others. Sorry for the words but every time you turn the look of hunger and dirty thoughts were only things they were thinking. The only thing we can hope for is that they see the light and when they do I hope their wicked brain will be saved once again at some point everybody will see the light and change their directions but they live different ways from us maybe these things make them happy then we should let it be we can't judge their lifestyle we can only observe and help we it's needed"

" As always to are right, the student becomes the teacher."

He laughs, that's what I live about him he knows when to be serious and when to make something funny. The first bell rang to go to our second classroom I nod and left the classroom.

I hope this job wont affect our relationship we are partners in crime we believe in action not in words. I understood why he was upset with me he looks at me like I am his baby sister, me with no siblings and hard working parents sometimes a person can get lonely mentally in way he always wants to protect me and after I started a relationship with his brother he got worse but you know I love him.

I made my way to the second classroom but after I turn the corner I saw the girl, well a girl is understatement she is devil herself I try to avoid as much as possible.

" Hello Levana, you got my note right, well since your little plan didn't work since someone told the players about your little scheme and talk about bad luck, out of the whole school you were chosen. Now lets get to what I propose you and I both know I have certain insides and certain ways I can help you remove the treat and you will tell your people to stop what they are trying to do it will be a win win."

" And that how I come to the conclusion you are the devil in heels, your offer isn't good enough and for your connection you only have power in this school in some areas of town were I am sure I will not even consider going so your little scheme, is just little."

"Don' t try to understatement me, one wrong word and everything will back fire in your face and don't even think that you will win this I'm always going to be one step ahead and I already know your bulletproof plan and remember you have a rope tied to your neck one wrong move and you know the rest."

See she is Lilith herself even her name is close to Lilith - Lilian, she scares life out of me. After we didn't accept her in the circle because her intension clear weren't any close to ours she got more twisted if she was the crazy girl with the vampire look know she is the vampire girl with the voodoo dolls. She one of the few people we discriminate, not even all the bimbos in the world will calculate to her twisted and rotten soul she the meaning of desperate and helpless. We (meaning the circle ) can't tolerate someone who is in favor of necromancy and diabolist. We stay away from them, unless they show they need to change their ways.

" That's funny because I don't even got a plan yet but thanks for remanding me I am still more powerful than you at least I don't need some spirits to bet someone . And remember the rope works by both ways.As Newton once said in the third law of motion :

for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction. "

And with that I made my leave, it felt good my people aren't some fragile cult we are warriors we have proven it over the years . And I may or may not got a satanist anger but play with fire , don't complain about the smoke.

I continuo my way to the second lesson 1 minute to spare for the second bell to ring I seat down in the corner I started thinking of plans to get of this mess, which for once I am the victim.


Ok I made kind of promises that I won't write notes like I am doing right know but I need to explain some things.

Ok Lilian is a satanic, I chose that kind of people because in life there different types of people we can't except it to be ok with it. Not everyone need light to live and it's not easy to accept someone like that because satanism is a big deal you' re selling you soul to evil spirits.And remember the apple doesn't grow far from the tree

Don't worry nothing about satanism being related to this book nothing like those will be named, example I only gave you voodoo dolls as an example because I want to show the lifestyle she lives, but no more creepy things but their will be more of Lilian.

Daniel Montessori may look strict but the further we go we see a heart that beats, he just loves boundaries and honestly that something I see in a teacher. And yes she dating his brother we will get more involved with Daniel's family.

For now I only writing this way to give a better observation about how she sees the world and how different people are. But the story/ events will start soon enough.

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