𝙭𝙫. 𝙥𝙤𝙤𝙧 𝙤𝙡𝙙 𝙘𝙖𝙩

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( chapter fifteen - poor old cat )


max and macy walked through the crunchy leaves beneath them, on their way to the town park. they decided to spend their free time together, just the two of them hanging out.

"bet you can't do this." max playfully hit macy's arm to get her attention.

macy smiled as she watched watched max jog towards the monkey bars. max swiftly moves her body, grabbing hold of each bar in front of her, using her upper body strength to move bar to bar.

macy smirks, impressed by her sister's mad max skills. "alright, i bet you can't do this."

macy walks over to the handle bar that rests in between two poles, a good five inches taller than her. her hands grab the pole, pulling herself up and sitting on the pole. she falls back, still holding the poles next to her legs.

macy kicks her legs back, letting go of the pole and landing perfectly on her feet. max looks at macy with her mouth open, "how in the world?"

macy chuckles, "i used to do gymnastics when i was 6 in my old town."

"pretty interesting. would have never guessed you did gymnastics," max remarks with a laugh.

"is that supposed to be an insult?" macy cocks her eyebrow at her sister.

"no! you just don't seem like a person who would do gymnastics." max shrugs.

"fine well," macy furrows her eyebrows and pursed her lips, "you don't seem like someone who would skateboard."

max gave macy a confusing look at her attempt to come up with a comeback.

"i carry this bad boy around all the time," max holds up her skateboard that she placed a few feet away from them when they arrived.

macy complained at the fact that max could make sassy comebacks but she couldn't. it was all as a joke though.

max nods with a smile, struggling to pull herself up the pole that macy previously flipped down from. "here, let me help you." macy helps max push up and sit onto the pole, pulling herself up afterwards to sit next to her.

"you know max," macy starts to say, "i'm glad you're my step-sister. i thought you would hate me when we met for some reason."

"why?" max raises an eyebrow.

"you just had a bitch face at me or something. but i'm glad you're not a total bitch," macy comments to max.

"i'm just glad you're not some preppy rich girl who complains until she gets what she wants." max admits.

"i can be preppy when i want to be preppy." macy's voice went three octaves higher then usual, spitting out the words in max's face.

with a swift motion, max wipes the spit off of her face. the two look at each other with disgust, bursting out into a fit of laughter afterwards at macy's lame impression.

macy sighs in relief as she looked around the park. no one but them were around, the wind bristling and the cold turning their cheeks red.

max looks at macy, "do you really believe this whole demogorgon thing?"

macy nods confidently, "you don't?"

"it just doesn't seem realistic," max admits, "what the hell is an upside down? our world's just upside down below us? it's all stupid."

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