Chapter 18

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Days passed and Rose barely ate anything. Ann came and went asking questions that would never get answered. Caleb was always there and he ate about as much as she did. He cried with her, he ate with her, and his heart broke with hers. When Ann came in and asked too many pressing questions Caleb kicked her out of the room. After almost a week they released her and took her in a wheel chair to the car. It looked just like the one she rode in before. Rose started to panic when she was about to get in the car; memories rushing at her making her head spin. Caleb came up to her and took her hand making her calm down. He helped her into the car then got in beside her all the while he whispered soothing words to her. He held her and whispered to her the whole way to the orphanage. When they got there he escorted her through all the staring kids and into a room which she shared with a couple of girls. Then after giving her a long tearful hug he left her, looking back more than once when he left.

Rose stood there staring after him. A tear trickled down her cheek.

"Um excuse me my name is Annabel. What's your name?" A girl her age with raven black hair and startling green eyes asked.

"Rose," she whispered weakly.

"Your bed is over here," Annabel whispered sensing her sadness.

Rose now had a cast on her arm and a boot on her leg so she limped over to the bed. She sat down heavily.

"What happened?" Annabel asked gesturing to her arm and leg.

"I was in a car crash," Rose answered.

Rose was stunned. Things just kept happening too fast. She spoke quietly and far away like she wasn't really there. She had a sad and stunned look on her face. Anyone who saw her took pity on her immediately. She had a strange feeling of being in a dream though like she just needed to wake and she would be back in her room in Caleb's arms with Emery next to her.

"Is that how your parents died?" Annabel asked pulling Rose out of her thoughts.

"My parents aren't dead," Rose said suddenly.

"Oh sorry I just thought.... and you looked so sad.....I guess I just figured that since your here they died. Soooo since they aren't dead are you like Annie with a locket and a note that says they're coming for you? Annabel said awkwardly.

" dad.....he abused me so I told someone. Then I went to a mental hospital. After that, I was coming here when my little sister and I got into a car crash," Rose stuttered.

"Oh sorry well where's your little sister is she ok? Is she in the hospital?" Annabel asked innocently.

"No she's.....she'," Rose stopped talking and she was overwhelmed with emotion.

"Oh I'm so sorry," Annabel whispered.

Rose just nodded then laid down on her side on her small bed. Tears filled her eyes and she cried again except this time Caleb wasn't there to hold her.

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