Chapter 28

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Kailee P.O.V.

" Yall see Ace ?" I asked my second period as i came in.

" Nah he aint here today." One of them said.

" Ight." I said. He know exactly what coming for his ass every time we look for him he aint no where to find. His phone turned off he blocked me off his facebook he a pussy.

" Test today." My teacher said as he passed it out. It's math so it aint nothing to a boss.

" Thank you." I said as he put it on my desk.

" You got a pencil?" I asked the girl behind me.

" Yeah." She said digging in her purse and handing me one.

" Thanks." I said smiling and turning back around.

Chanel P.O.V.

" Chanel is something on your mind ?" My teacher asked.

" Nah just a little tired." I said. Obviously she can see that K.J. is not here.

" Okay just making sure, start going to sleep early." She said smiling. She knows she's my favorite teaher Mrs.Allen is the best.

" Thank you and can I have K.J. work?" I asked her.

" Sure can, I hope everything gets better." She said smiling and walking away. D.J. in back of the class knocked out.

She handed me K.J. work and I got started on mines, I'll be K.J. personal tutor when he wakes up i said smiling to myself. Cant wait to make it official.

" D.J. wake up." Mrs.Allen said. D.J. was still asleep though.

" Boy wake up." She said tapping him , he jumped up.

" Yes ma'am." D.J. said.

" You can sleep at home." She said.

" Not until I know my nigga coming home." D.J. said laying his head back on the desk.

" He's coming back D.J. just pray." She said.

" Man everybody telling me that, ine wanna hear that I wanna hear my nigga voice." D.J. said , I started to get emotional.

" We'll I'm still praying for him." She said patting D.J. on his back.

" Aight." He said. Mrs. Allen walked away. We all going to see K.J. after school, to check up on em.

Shawn P.O.V.

" Wassup?" I said as Kailee walked out her classroom when the bell ring.

" Nothing , I just wanna leave." She said.

" You need a hug?" I asked her, she started laughing.

" It look like I need a hug ?" She asked me , I laughed and hugged her anyway.

" I really did, need it though." She said low.

" I know." I said as I let her go.

" Come on let's go to lunch." I said as we walkd away from her classroom.

" Kailee!!" Some girl yelled.

" Oh lawd it's Charity." Kailee said i started laughing as Charity got closer.

" Ima beat the shit out of you and Shawn ." She said grabbing Kailee arm and pulling her away from me.

Kailee P.O.V.

" Why what did I do ?" I asked her.

" You didn't answer my phone calls or messages bitch i was worried." She said.

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