we finally got to the mall and while driving there taylor got a speeding ticket,like always because he thinks he's a fricken bad ass and we let him think that.

We all stepped out of the car and i saw the sun sorta setting and shinning through the palm trees and it was so amaizng living the L.A life.

''Amanda stop staring,and lets go''

Violet and i starting running to the doors and then taylor came up behind violet and picked her up and held her like a baby and cameron did the same to me and i felt so happy and loved even though we werent dating he treats me right and i love it.

We get to the mall doors and the boys put us down and we walk in and walk into Forever21 our favourite store and we go straight to the shorts and cropped tops and we start talking about what ones are cute and nice and then we turn our heads and see the boys also looking at crop tops but the shorter ones and taylor holds up one that has to hand prints right on the boobs and throws it at Violet and takes a pair of booty shorts and throughs them and violet and they smile and run of to the change and probably to do more then change.

Then i get away from the cropped tops and go to the dresses and cameron follows me and looks and all the dresses and compliments all of them and starts saying what ones would look nice on me then he picks out the really nice coarl dress and held up to my body and said ''you would look amazing in this'' and then he blushed and smiled and i just smiled and said thank you and took the dress out of this hand and we kept looking and from there on he kept picking out nice dresses and shirts for me and he was being funny and weird and pretened to up them on and he was making jokes and it just felt like a fun date.

''Lets go to the change rooms and you can try these on''

Me and cameron walk to the change rooms and we acutally see taylor standing outside of the change room and not inside with violets,but then violet walks out with a different outfit on that taylor probably picked out and it was really nice.

i walk into the room and i see the mirror and i just look at my self for a little bit but taking in what i see,what i feel,how i feel i a''god i hate mirrors'' i just turn away and take off my shirt and pants and there , i am again looking into the mirror looking at my self at my body and this time i see all my flaw ,i see my fat thighs, and my cuts and my marks and my stomach and everything i hate about my body,i look down at my arms and i see more cuts and i just keep in my tears in and look away and put the first dress on and i look in the mirror and cameron was right this dress does look nice on me.

Cameron knocks on the door and asked ''Amanda are you okay?'' ''yes im find im coming out now''

i open the door feeling nice but insecure i walk out slowly with my head bowed like we were getting married but i looked up and Taylor,Violet and Cameron were all staring at me and i just smiled and cameron smiled back and as did violet and taylor. ''you look really nice in that dress''

''thanks cameron,i really like it but i cant pay for it,its to much for me''

''oh dont worry ill buy it for you''

''oh cameron you dont need to buy it,its just a dr-- he cuts me off ''no i want to buy it'' i didnt say anything i just smiled and went back in the change room and took off the dressed and tried on everything else but told them i was just gonna try these on for my self and not come out of the change room,it will make things faster.

once i got out of the change room we all went over to another one of are favorite stores PINK,the boys always joke around when there in there,they always put underwear and bra's on there heads and we just laughed the workers always tell them to stop,and they do but then continue to do it.

We walk in and start looking at the underwear while the boys put on the girls sweaters that are really tight on them and we just laugh and shake our heads while cameron rips the arm and put's the sweater back like nothing ever happen.


After pink we all just decided to go back to Taylor's house and chill and see dillon.

We got outside and there were 3 guys standing around taylors car looking at it and pulling on the handle's ''WHAT THE FUCK GET AWAY FROM MY CAR...FUCK OFF'' taylor screamed and they ran away and i could tell taylor was pissed but he ended up making jokes about it and he was happy that they didnt get into his car.

We got to taylor's place and we all got out of his lambo went inside and dillon was on the couch asleep and i went over to the couch and i pushed his legs off and sat down and he woke up, ''evenin sleepy head''

''oh hey Amanda,Taylor,Violet and Cameron,where have you been all day taylor?''

Taylor just puffed and said ''out with these guys'' ''and doing some stuff with this lady'' he said as he took violet's hand and sat her down on his lap and they leanded in for a kiss and i said ''ok ok we've seen enough of your face sucking today,we dont need to see more''

We all laughed and dillon moved over closer to me and put his arm around me and i wanted to take his arm away but i didnt want to be rude so i just left it. ''ou dillon kill em'' Taylor said and then he took his arm away and got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Then someone knock's on the door and dillon anwsers it ''yo bro how's it going'' we all look over and its some guy we have all never seen before. ''Guys this is my friend james,he's visiting from indiana'' We all say hey and he looks a little sketchy to me he has these baggy pants and old shoes and a sweat shirt and a flat cap on and he has long hair and he's kinda stumbling around and he looks....high. He stumbled over and sat down next to me and dillon sat in a chair across from me ''bro you look kinda high'' James just laughs and said ''das because i am'' and taylor and Violet get up and walk into a room and im left here with dillon and some stoner because cameron went out on the deck to take a call and now im scared so i start to move over ''whats wrong baby,i dont bite...much'' and he moves closer and closer to me and put's his arms around me and he's squeezing me and i keep pushing but he wont move and then oddly enough dilon smiles and leaves to the bathroom and im suck here fully alone with James.

James starts to kiss me on the cheek and i push him away but he wont move,the cameron comes in and yells ''WHAT THE FUCK WHO ARE YOU GET OFF HER NOW'' and he runs over to me and pushes james off of me and i just get up with tears in my eyes and James get's up and pushes cameron ''who the fuck are you man,and i was just playin and havin fun''

''oh just havin fun just playin,yah your high and she wanted you to get off of her and you didnt''

''i think she liked it'' James turned to me and said ''didnt you babe'' and winked and then Cameron punched him in the face and James feel onto the couch and i was in shock . James got up and looked at Cameron and punched him back right in the face and i screamed and Taylor violet and dillon came running into the room ''WHAT THE FUCK DUDE,YOU PUNCHED HIM'' taylor yelled and violets ran over to me and hugged me and just looked in my eyes and we just stood there.


''alright calm down,see ya dillon'' Dillon just looked at james with a pissed and angry face and he just left to god knows where.

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