Chapter 2~ i have a thing for creeps~

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"What?"he asked, referring to my poor thumb pick up line. As I facepalm I muter a nothing and I am so sorry.... Again, "oh  its ok, I'm Niall by the way, "he said, god he can be so thick of course I know who he is for the love of gibberish elves, "I know you more than I know  myself, "I say laughing and he makes a face at me for a second I think he's disgusted,

but then he replies and laughs this amazing laugh and I swear to god someone was playing the switches of this freaking universal vacuum because for the second time in our brief meeting I am breathless... again. "Wow, so I am guessing  you are one of those creepy fans that stalk me a girl can't be both pretty and funny can she? She has to be a creep too, but I think I have a thing for creeps "he says

and I have no idea if I should be flattered or embarrassed so I do both and my pale skin turns as red as a tomato" can't hide these things can you,".I replay "so what are you doing in Dubai?" he asked "um I am um to attend your concert " "that's great maybe ill see you there ,here take those so im sure ill see you"he says and begins digging in his pockets and hands me a VIP ticket than walks away and winks at me.i wave a bye in a really fast and annoying manner and he just chuckles

After I pick up my bags and get a cab I reach my hotel and check in then  i enter my suit which wasn't that big only bed, a

small wardrobe a bathroom and a couch that has a tv oppisite to it so i can only watch TV from the couch like really great hotel cordination you just made my day. you as in who designed this fine fine room please note the sarcasm i think thats enough for today as soon as my head rests on the pillow i immediatley drift off in dreamless sleep



hey gus so super duper cuttness am i right am i right no im not im gonna shuddup now

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