Chapter 4

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(Mackenzie's P.O.V)


We hugged, then it happened.......

We kissed!

It was the best most memorable kiss ever. When our lips touched I felt sparks and I think he did too, because he pulled me closer and it started to turn into a makeout session ( Jordan! Stop blushing and laughing at the comment I left for you😘).

I started to grap his hair and he grabbed my waist. Our lips seperated

"That was amazing Mackenzie, I felt sparks."

"Me too Sam, I'm so glad my first kiss was that amazing and with you." I said looking into his eyes

"I hope all my kisses are with you" Sam said looking back into mine.

I decided to txt Lily.

Me- hey sam and I r just going to ride home on our boards ok

Lilerzzzz😝- ok that fine I'll c u at the house be safe

I locked my iPhone 5s and we started heading out of the mall

We rode back to the house on our pennyboards and got some Starbucks on the ways home.

Sam and I were almost home when he stoped me.

"Umm, Mackenzie?" He asked

"Ya Sam?"

"I kmow we just met and stuff, but that kiss really ment something to me and I really felt something. I just wanted to know if... You wanted to be my girlfriend....... Or nah.... Haha I'm just kidding but will you be my girlfriend?" He aksed with puppy eyes.

"Oh my god, yes of course I will of course I will be your girlfriend." I responded happily

We hugged and kissed a little and rode home. When we got to the house, Lily was already there. She was sitting on Connors lap, who was on the couch with jc, Ricky, and Kian.

"Hi, Lily, hi guys." I said turning to everyone.

"Hi, so what did y'all do on your way home?" She asked

"Well ya know we went to Starbucks, rode home, kissed a little, and now we are dating no big deal." I said kinda fast

"Oh that grea......... Wait, what? Who guys are dating?" she asked surprised

"Umm ya" I said looking around

Everyone just sat there shocked.

"Yaaassss gaga yaaaasssss" I heard Ricky say

We all laughed and Sam and I sat on the couch cuddling up. We decided to watch netflix. We watched a scary movie call Insidious, and then we watched some episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

I started to get rally tired and fall asleep. I felt someone pick me up and bring me to my bed. I fingures it was Sam because he said

"Night beautiful"

Then climbed into bed and gave me a kiss. I thought to myself how wonderful my life is and that I'm dating THE SAM POTTORFF.

I love life.

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