Burning fate

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Crying for that comfort of the dark.

Entering a past of fate.

Jumping down a never ending tunnel.

The pain is what catches you.

Wrapping around your bones,

Your soul.

Eating you from the inside out.

Crushing your inner core.

Making you sick from your head to you toes.

The abuse, the bruising.

How did it start.

It's simple.

Everything is your fault.

The way you walk or dress, or even talk.

They hate it.

They hate you.

No matter what you do or how hard you try,

You will never be excepted.

Your an amazing, beautiful, creative person.

But that doesn't mean a thing,

When your unable to love her.

Because "she" just doesn't do it for you.


This one is for a boy named Ben, who died in 2010, he was bullied and had verbal abuse at home so he killed himself all becuase he was gay.

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