She's A Beauty

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She's A Beauty by The Tubes


I noticed the two girls leaving and hugging their friends good bye before retreating out into the street. I nudged Kyle who had shoved a whole piece of sushi into his mouth as he looked around at them then at me.

"Let's follow them..." He mumbled as he stood up and tossed money down for the bill before starting to walk to the door and act as if he was a spy on a mission. I hit him in the back of the head and walked into the street watching the girls go into the pub Kyle had told me about earlier. After a minute or two we walked in and found a place at the bar, ordering two beers and watching the live act. I looked around for her but she was no where to be found until I turned back around to face the bar and she was sitting next to me. I nearly choked on my drink as I looked at her then turned to Kyle who was laughing at this point.

"I was thinking you saw a ghost mate!" He continued to laugh at me as I rolled my eyes and sipped my drink. I wanted to ask him what to say but then I knew she would hear me. I turned my chair to lean against bar and cleared my throat as my palms began to sweat, I was always a nervous mess around women.

"Hi my name's Dan Smith." I smiled and looked at her, she turned her attention from her phone to me and smiled.

"Kara Jones...did you follow us from the sushi place?" She smirked at me, I turned red before laughing slightly and shaking my head. I raked my hand through my hair trying to keep my composure.

"Actually no my mate here wanted to come to the pub after. You're not American?" I smiled slightly, maybe she would be someone here who would understand wanting to go home. She gave a nod and took a sip of her scotch drink, damn she could handle her booze better than me.

"Yes, my friend and I are from good old London England. I take it you are as well." Her friend peeked her head around Kara and Kyle stood up.

"Why don't we get a table so we can all talk?" Kyle said before spinning my chair around and smiling at the girls.

"Sure and by the way I'm Charlotte." She smiled and nudged Kara making her smile. Something looked off about her. She looked uncomfortable, more than I was in this situation. We all got up and got a table, ordering a new round of drinks. We exchanged some small talk, Kara and I mostly just sipped our drinks and listened to either Kyle or Charlotte who seemed to be hitting it off so quickly. I looked at her and smiled as she finally started a conversation.

"So you're in a band eh? Bastille was the name right? What do you do?" She looked so calm talking to me, making me wonder if she was even interested in me.

"I sing and play piano. You should come see us some time...?"

"Sounds good...why don't I give you my number? My friend and I have to go. I have something I need to do." She said softly and looked slightly saddened she had to go, as if what she was going to do wasn't pleasant. Charlotte looked at her and gave a nod. Disappointment showed on my face considered we had just started talking. Surely I would never have the guts to actually call her and invite her to a show.

"Wow is it that time already! Yes maybe we can hang out and you guys can play somewhere local since you're on break." Charlotte got up and handed Kyle a napkin with her number on it and Kara gave me one as well with her's.

"Good bye Dan Smith. Nice to meet you." She gave me a smile before her and Charlotte walked out. I watched them for a moment through the window near our table and noticed them head to an ally which only lead to the woods. How strange. Miss Jones what is so special about you? I must know.

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