Chapter 14

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*Hayes's POV*

I'm gonna ask Madison on a date.

But how. Hmmm.

Maybe Matt will know.

I walk into the kitchen and see Matt making a sandwich.

I pick up the sandwich and take a bite.

"HEY" Matt yells and takes the sandwich

"Hey. That was good. But I have a question." I said

"Shoot" Matt says with his mouth full

"I wanna take Madison on a date. But how do I ask her?" I asked looking down probably blushing

"Text her and tell her to meet you by the pond down the street at 5:00pm, tell your mom to pack a picnic and get her a flower. Tulips are her favorite by the way. Eat the picnic and watch the stars" Matt says... Wait Matt said that... OMG he has a romantic side.

"Thanks bro" I said taking the rest of his sandwich and running off to find my phone.

*text between Madison and Hayes

M-Madison H-Hayes*

H- Hey babe. Wanna go on a date with me tonight? Xoxo

M-of course!! Xoxo

H-meet me by the pond at 5

M-okay can't wait

H-I can't wait either. Love you babe

M-love you more


I run upstairs to my room


Oh god

I run in the bathroom and shower

I pick out my outfit

-Khaki shorts

-Blue button up shirt

-black vans

I get dressed and brush my hair.

All ready!


I should start setting up the picnic

*Madisons POV*

Alrighttttt. I have a date with Hayes!



I jump in the shower and let my hair air dry

Put on makeup

Now time for the outfit

(I don't wear dresses. Soooo. Nice try)

-tank top with "paradise" on it


-black vans



I should get down there.


I was walkin in the park when I see Hayes. He's setting up a picnic. Huh. Probably for Makayla...or Madison. I dont know her name. I'm gonna have some fun with this... *cue evil laugh*

I walk over to him and he doesn't notice.

"Hayes?" I said and he turns around

"What do you want Marie?" He says angry. Oh boy.

"I was wondering why this picnic was here..." I said acting like I don't know.

"It's for Madison. She'll be here any minute and I don't want you to ruin it. So please Marie. Leave." He said

"Fine." I said.

As I looked over I saw Madison. Perfect.

She looks up at Hayes and starts walking towards us

"Hayes" i said looking in his ugly blue eyes

I kissed him. Right in front of Madison.

Best of all. He kissed back.

*Madisons POV*

I walked to the park and saw Hayes and another girl. They were talking then they kissed.

I don't think it was a regular kiss. I think they were making out.

I started crying.

I ran to my house and called Matt.

*phone convo. MH-Madison. ME-Matt*


MH-M-Matt can you c-come o-over?

ME-I'll be right over babe. Don't do anything you'll regret.




Hello babes!

Uh oh

What's gonna happen!

You'll find out!

Bum bum bum

Lol idk


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