As I wake up, I realize I hadn't changed into pajamas. Whatever. I take a shower and once I'm out I do my usual routine (Brush my teeth, wash my face etc.) I put on my adidas soccer pants and a white shirt. I put on my converse and put my hair up in a ponytail.

Walking downstairs I smell something good.

"Mmm what did you make mu-" I stop when I see the boy's eating. Two of them are shirtless. And guess what? One of the shirtless boy's is Ashton.

"Mum went to the store she'll be back." Luke said.

"Okay" I said.

"Where you going?" Luke asked.

"Probably to the park to play soccer" I said.

"Cool, can we come?" Calum said.

"Suree." I said.

I sat next to Michael since there was an open seat there. I felt so awkward.

"Who sent me that picture? " I asked.

"I did." Michael said.

"Okay then I can save your number to my phone." I said.

"I want your number! " Calum said.

"Um sure. Put your number in my phone" I said handing him my phone.

He types in his number but takes a while.

"There I put in mine and Ashton's" Calum said.

"Cool" I said.

"Your welcome" Calum smiled.

I finished my food and washed my plate. I walked out into our backyard and grabbed the soccer ball that lie on our grass.

I picked it up and walked back inside.

The boy's were in the den. They were just sitting on the couch using their phones. If I walk away quickly I won't have to bring them with me.

"Oh guy's come on we're leaving" Luke said.


As we walk out of the house Luke locks the door and we walk to the park.

"Are you good at soccer?" Ashton said.

"Yeah I guess, I used to play." I said.

"That's cool. I'm pretty good at it too" Ashton said.

"Really now?" I smiled.

"Yup, I'll show you when we get to the park." he said.

"Hope your ready for it cause we're here." I said.

I walked to a big open area where the goals were. I tightened my ponytail and put the soccer ball on the ground.

"We aren't exactly even so, it's going to have to be three against, two" I said.

"Hmm you team up with Michael" Calum said.

"Okie dokie" I said.

"Alright ready." I said.

Everyone nodded.

"Go!" I yelled.

I stole the ball and started dribbling it to the goal but Calum kicked it away from me.

"Michael get the ball!" I yelled.

"Catch!" Michael yelled.

Michael kicked the ball over to me and I kicked it into the goal and fell on the floor.

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