Tell The World, I'm Coming Home

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Kori, Raine and Alora were running towards the backyard swings. "LAST ONE IS A ROTTEN EGG!" 13 year old, Alora screamed. Raine was far behind. She started to slow down. "COME ON RAINE!" 12 year old, Kori yelled. "I can't!" She screamed back.

"Kids! Miles is trying to sleep" Their mom said. Miles was their 3 month old little brother.

"Okay Mom" they all said. Raine slid on the swing. Her rusty colored hair was in front of her face. She started to blow it out of the way. "Hey Little Sis!" Kori said. "I'm not little! I'm 4!" she spat back. "Your both little" Alona said. "I'm the middle child" Kori crossed his arms. "So I'm I!" Raine said. "No! Wait Yes" Kori said. "Miles is the little one" Raine said.

"What do you guys wanna do when your older?" Alona randomly asked. "I wanna be a teacher" Kori said.

"I wanna be a......a.....Actress" Raine said.

"I wanna be a Sergeant in the Military" Alona said.

And that's what they did. But Raine still need to accomplish her dream.

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