Chapter 5

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I looked up to see a massive and most majestic ROCK possible. We've reach mount Olympus! But of course it wasn't the end of our journey just yet, we still needed to climb it.

"Umm does anyone see a staircase leading to the top? Joked Logan. "Come on, no time to waste." Fernanda said picking her bag up along with a rope I didn't realize she had. We were barely off the ground when a man and women called to us.

"You will kill your self if you go any farther." Said the women. She covered her face with a black hood that went over her eyes. The man didn't speak as he looked up silence covered the land, I gazed into his eyes to see that his pupil has enlarged. His sclera disappeared and the dramatic feeling of black engulfed his eyes. He spoke in a deep voice.

"Your soul mirrors your eyes and there is nothing you can do but hid from your true personality and that.....won't last long." He completely took off his hood revealing his hair.

"Give it up and come with us." The women said. She was looking down, smiling, but we could tell she was referring to us. Her hand rose from her rob, as it did we could clearly see it wasn't a hand. It was a claw reaching out for Abigail. Laryssa saw the need to help. She was the closest to to Abigail, grabbing her she boasted her up, pushing her closer to Ronda who then grabbed her arm and climbed a few inches higher. Laryssa was now the fairest to the ground. Opportunity was knocking at the women's door. She stepped forward. Ripping through Laryssa's dress with her long nails, there was no hope she's got her. Once the women got a good grip she disappear with Laryssa and the man. She dropped a note with writing big enough to read from where we were. It said

"You should have came with us."

I looked over to Katrina, she was crying.

"I can't go on" she said climbing down.

"Hey!" I said.

She looked up still crying

"Don't you want to get her back?"

She nodded.

"Well then you can't give up! Now it's time to fight!"

She nodded again climbing back up.

We were 50 feet high and decided to take a break on a near by ledge. I lend back to find a door opening behind me leading to a cave. Shania entered first. The cave lite up as we walked strait. At the end of the tunnel there was a dark figure. Shania was suddenly a different person, she ran to the figure and stood at it's left side. The figure looked up, it was Hades.

"You guys go on, I'll stay with him."

Said Shania.

"No you can't do that!" Said Logan running towards her.

"He can help us and the only way for him to do so is if I help him, I promise, it will work." She replied.

"Please!" Before Logan could continue Shania was gone. Now we've lost Laryssa and Shania. I could sense how afraid everyone was as they realized we needed them to finish our journey.

"That gives us another thing to fight for, huh?" Said Fernanda. I agreed with her and kept climbing. We were only 7 feet from the top of the mountain when the sound of distress flowed from the back of the group.

"Guy! Something doesn't feel right!" Yelled Katrina who was breathing extremely hard. I was at the front of the group, unable to see Katrina properly, so I made my way down a couple inches getting a better view of what was going on. She started to float away, but just in time Harry grabbed her ankle pulling her back to the ground. Suddenly she was surrounded by dust rotating around her. It formed a small tornado-like movement, that got bigger and bigger and eventually lifted her higher off the ground. It was too late she wasn't in our reach anymore, we watched her disappear into the clouds. We still had to meet the Gods and we knew once we did everything will be different. We were about to walk through the gates but we were stopped by a Phoenix, now usually Phoenixes won't bother with you but this Phoenix was owned by the Gods or should I say by Cronus. I looked back to see that man, who took Laryssa holding Harry and Taylor. Harry switch to satyr and kicked the man in the knee. He freed himself but Taylor was gone along with Logan who gave up a pretty good fight. Now it's down to six of us....SIX!? You say. Yes six. We looked around to insure that no one else was taken, but Camryn wasn't seen. No one actually saw her being taken but she wasn't here so what else could have happened. We ran through the gates afraid they would come back and we wouldn't have made it. We were finally in and the view of the city was breath taking.

"Welcome to the home of Zeus, state your name and enter!" A small Phoenix guard ordered. Crystalbell stepped forward.

"I Crystalbell am the daughter of Zeus and a nymph named Aurai."

The guard was impressed.

"ENTER" he said.

Zeus was speaking to Ares. Once Fernanda saw them her face lite up.

"Father! Father! Do you remember me? Your daughter Fernanda!" Ares didn't answer instead he took one look at her and walked away, ending his conversation with Zeus. Fernanda was shocked. She slowly stepped back knocking into items on the way. Abigail followed her as she fled. Me, Harry and Crystalbell stayed back to talk to Zeus.

"I am Crystalbell! We need you help".

"I do not have time for you childish games, be gone." He brushed her off. "Sir, it's Cronus!" She stepped closer to him.

"What now?" That definitely got his attention.

"Tomorrow at midnight his followers will give him his revenge. On you!" She convinced him.....

"I will help you but mustn't accompany you, for there is too much here to do." He handed her something rapped in cloth.

"This will help you. Hurry" now we were worrying, he didn't tell us how to use this thing or even what it was!

"You didn't tell him your his daughter." I said confused.

"I want to fight this battle on my own that way he will be proud of what I've become." She was strong it what she said. We found Abigail a couple feet out of the gates calling for help. It was some kind of double of Cronus, a smaller yet equally terrifying version. He was suffocating Fernanda in his hand.

"THE ICE." Crystalbell yelled to Abigail. She raised her arm, closing her eyes. Suddenly the hand that was holding Fernanda froze and broke off releasing her. Before we got to run away the monster broke the cold shell and was now after Abigail. She was holding him off with a blizzard emerging from the tips of her fingers.

"Save your self! If we all go down then who will stop Cronus.?" The blizzard got less powerfully as she spoke.

"GO!" She said. We did as she said. I couldn't control it, I had to look back. As I did I saw her giving up now that we were safe, I didn't even get to say thank you. Now there's only four of us left how are we every going to stop Cronus like this. I didn't realize I was talking out loud.

"You have to believe." Harry tapped me on the shoulder.

"He's right! And if we don't stop

'the evil one' who will." Said Fernanda. Crystalbell held my hand encouragingly. At the market we met a man named Ampelius. He handed us a map saying only.

"This will help you." The map said "Tartarus! The way to evil." Well this trip sounds funny.

"Let's get packing!" Yelled Harry

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