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 **Alice's POV**

It's so lonely without him. All I hear is the humming of radio silence, left by the absence of his breath on my cheek. There are no warm, strong arms wrapped around my body or huge feet to play footsie with under the table. The air is empty and each breath is forced into my lungs.

I've been living like this for months, just going through the motions of my life. Going to classes, coming home, eating, doing homework, going to work, parties, hanging out with friends... my favourite part is sleeping. The routine keeps me busy day to day but thoughts of him still haunt my mind.

The feeling of his skin beneath my fingertips as I trace his tattoos or the feeling of his hair as I run my hands through his curly tangles. Right now, every part of him is reduced to a memory. But my Oliver is coming home tomorrow, after a three month tour I'll have him again. My Mathew, my Matt, my Lee, my Jordan. All home, and then maybe my life will feel complete.

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