Why do you keep me a secret.

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Danis POV

i woke up to the sound of sobbing and atumatically i knew it was demi. i quickly got out of bed and ran to her room. i tried to open the door but it was locked. "Demi its me please open the door." i say i heard nothing but sobs. i steped back and rushed at the door. What i saw didnt suprise me. Demi was sitting on the bathroom floor blood on her wrists. "Demi come here." i say pulling her into my lap. "make them stop." she whispered.  i didnt know what else to do but sing.
oh her eyes her eyes make the stars look like thier not shining her hair her hair falls perfectly without her tring and she so beatiful and i tell everyday.

i look to see her calmed down. "Demi youre beatiful just the way you are." i say hugging her. Sometimes i feel like im the big sister. she gets off my lap and smiles. "Howd you get to be so smart." She says "i dunno." i say "cmon lets get you some breakfeast." she says. We go downstairs to dinning room. "cereal ok." she asks "yea." i say  she servers a bowl for me. "arent you going to eat." i say "i already did." she says i was finishing up my breakfeast when i hear the doorbell. "dani go to my room." demi says i do as she says and go to her room. one thing i learned while living with demi is to  NEVER disobey her. i heard talking and it sounded like she was talking to our mom. "whats up mom." demi says "well you know how i said you might be able to tour with the jonas brothers." mom says "yea." Demi says "well that might turned into a will be." mom says. "oh my god yay." demi says "i have to go pack." she says i hear her coming so i went and sat on her bed. "guess what babygirl." she says coming in and getting her suitcase. "im going on tour with the jonas brothers." she says excitdly "yay." i say sarcasticly she stops packing and sit on the bed next to me. "whats wrong dan dan." she says "well ive been meaning to ask you this i just always get scared." i explain "scared of what babygirl." she says "scared that youll get mad." i say "dani look at me." she says i look into those beatiful brown eyes god they were so pretty. "i promise not to be mad. you can tell me anything." she says i take a deep breath "ok. why do you keep me a secret?" i say "well you know how you lived with dad right." she says i nod "well when you ran away he told everyone you were dead. Thats why i was in the park and when i found you i knew if i introduced you to my fans there would be haters. your too young to be hated on." she says i look down "but why didnt you introduced me to our family." i say "They all thought you were dead if they found out i knew word would get around to patrick and he'll take you away from me." she explains "so how long are you planing on keeping me a secret." i ask "i dunno babygirl." she says i sigh and nod "whos gonna take care of me while your on tour." i ask "well i plan on  introducing you to one of my best friends." she says "really who." i say excited. Ive never been introduced to someone before since demi always sends me to her room. "well her name is..." she starts but gets inturupted by her phone. Once she gets off the phone she curses under her breath. "who was that." i ask she looks over to me and smiles "it was my maneger." she says this cant be good. "you're leaving me again arent you." i say looking down "no no not leaving just going to do what i love to do." She says "yea i get it go." i say. she gets ready and before she leaves she says "be good and remeber dont go outside." she says "yea see ya dems." i say i go and get my ipod filled with my favorite songs. maybe when demi stops keeping me a secret i can become a singer just like her. well a girl can dream right.
A/N:hey guys so wht do u think of this story so far should i keep writing yea or no. well if u guys have any ideas for this story leave them in the comments below. well love u guys.

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