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Pov Liz

Right now I'm like half way the movie. I really miss my phone. now I can't answer my phone calls or messages. Dad walks into the room. he walks to the front row where I'm sitting and takes a seat next to mine. he takes the remote control and pauses the movie.
L: "hey! I'm watching that!"
H: "no you were watching that. not anymore because I paused it."
L: "go annoy mom or something but leave me alone." I snap
H: "Elizabeth, we need to talk."
L: "about what...?"
H: "about your behavior"
L: "what about it?"
H: "you snap at us, you don't obey, you are rude and you use bad language."
L: "you're annoying"
H: "this is what I mean. You can't say anything that's on your mind."
L: "I'm sorry that I'm not your perfect daughter, but this is who I am and this is how you made me." i say and I stand up ready to leave.
H: "Elizabeth, don't walk away." He says but I ignore it as walk to my room. I decide to watch some tv. after a little while I hear a knock on my door but it doesn't open.
K: "Elizabeth, go to bed it's already 1 am and you have school." Mom says. I'm fed up with them. they are annoying as shit. I pack my new clothes and school stuff and I climb out of my window. I walk over the beach to north shore and walk to Bethany's house. all the lights are out. I throw some little stones on the window from her bedroom. I see her opening her window.
B: "Liz! what are you doing?" she whispers.
L: "can I sleep at your place tonight?"
B: "sure. wait a minute" she says and closes her window. after a few seconds the front door opens. " come on in" she says as she leads me to her bedroom."you can sleep on the couch" she says pointing to it."
L: "thanks"
B: "what happened?"
L: "they were annoying all night long. dad came to me to talk about my behavior. I really thought what the fuck.. I'm totally fed up with them."
B: "how are things with Christian?"
L: "we uhm.. we had sex today. dad found out about it and he wasn't happy about it."
B: "did he walk into your room while you were uhm.. busy?" she gasped
L: "no, luckily that didn't happen. he found out that Christian is my boyfriend and he told me that he didn't want me to lose my virginity on this young age. I just stayed silent but then he already knew that it was too late."
B: "and your mom?"
H: "dad made me tell her. but to be honest I don't want to talk about my parents. let's go sleep."
B: "okay. good night."
L: "night."

***********Next morning************

Pov Kristen
I wake up by the light that comes through the window. I open my eyes and see Harry still sleeping. I get out of the bed and walk trough the hall to liz's room. I knock on the door.
K: "Elizabeth, wake up." I don't hear anything move so I open the door and walk to the bed. "Elizabeth, wake up." I say as I pull the blanket off her, but there nobody in her bed. I walk back to my bedroom and decide to wake Harry.
K: "Harry, wake up"
H: "5 more minutes please" he mumbles
K: "Harry, Liz is gone."
H: "where could she be? isn't she downstairs?"
K: "maybe something happened." I say very concerned
H: "no babe, she probably is at her friends house or something. I will go to her school and look if she's there.
K: "okay"

Pov Liz
I wake up by Bethany's alarm. we get up and get ready for school. Her parents are very nice and didnt mind that i slept in their house. after an hour or something I see Christians car stopping in front of Bethany's house. We walk outside ad get in. I sit next to Christian and we kiss.
C: "hey, I didn't expect you already. what happened?"
L: "dad" is the only thing I have to say. he nods understanding. we drive to Alana's house. she is already waiting in front of her house and she gets in.
A: "hey!"
B: "did you take a shower? your hair is wet"
A: "I woke up early and I couldn't sleep anymore so I surfed for a while" she smiled.
L: "I'm not allowed to surf because I'

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