break time

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gwens p.o.v (flash back)

I wondered round the house but I wasn't looking were I was going and I bumped into a boy that had blonde hair

"I'm sorry" I said looking up at him

"its fine" he said "what's your name"

"gwen" I said

"that's a nice name" he said

"thanks" I replied "whats yours"

"davis cameron" he said

"nice to meet you Davis cameron"

"you to gwen" Davis said "hope to see you soon"

"my room is up the stairs first room on the right" I said

"okay see you round" he said walking off

I waved and he turned back round and continued walking

"gwen" jean said

"hey you ready to go" I asked

"yeh lets go" jean said

so we started to walk to our next lesson

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