3. Be brave

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Today I got lost just once, I still kept the handmade map Connor gave me, even though I had been with him most of the day.

Nothing seems so different from England, but I really miss Ashton.

However, people here is so nice. And I like my new house, even if it seems empty without my dad and my mother working.

But anyway, I like being alone.

The guys invited me to spend the afternoon with them. We went to the cinema and to a cool place they call The Small Place, it is a little house that used to belong to Connor's grandparents before their deaths.

So we arrived there and it wasn't what I expected at first. I was pretty cool. There were colourful walls and a fridge full of cokes. I love cokes.

"So, what's the plan?" I asked after having a look all around the place.

"We're gonna eat something while watching a film and talking, is it okay for you?" said Ellie.

"Yes, perfect". I really wanted to talk, but in fact they didn't know me, and I didn't know them.

In the livingroom there was a big old sofa and in front of it, a tv screen with a DVD player.

"You choose baby" someone said.

And it wasn't until I found out it was Connor and he was talking to me, that I came back to Earth.

"Eh, yeah sure" I replied while choosing a random film from a little amount placed next to the screen.

"Oh, I love this one" said Liah. I could say she was trying to get Connor's attention, but he was too busy staring at me. I was unconfortable.


At the end of the movie Sally and Max weren't there, I'm sure they were kissing or something, in fact I didn't care; Kurt and Connor were asleep and Liah and I were the only ones awake.

We turned the player off and came out of the room without waking the boys up.

I followed her to the back garden.

"I really love that film" she said still walking.

"I liked it a lot, it's so cute" I said admiring the sunset.

We spent some minutes watching the sunset and we finally sat down on an old chairs hoodmade.

"You're special Megan" she said in a whisper.

"Why?" I said confused.

"Well, at last you should feel special" she replied now looking at me.

I made a face.

"I swear he likes you a lot" she said calmy.

Now I was sure about what she felt about Connor.

"Liah" I said as she looked at me with a sad face. I hugged her, and we stayed like this for a while.


Time ran, and we didn't even care how dark the sky was.

"Boys" said Ellie after a phone call "I'm gonna leave, my father need me. Bye". It was quite late.

"I gotta go home" said Kurt.

"Me too" Connor whispered.

"I should too" I said having a look to my phone: 21:37pm.

Mum was going to kill me. If she was home.

"I'm gonna take you home" Connor told me.

"No", I didn't mean to be rude, but... "You should walk Liah home, she lives further. I can get home alone".

As we got out of the house, we realized Sally and Max were still lost.

"They are maybe doing what couples do, aren't they?" said Kurt cheesy.

"Oh, c'mon, shut up Kurt" shouted Liah.

I was about to leave, when I turned my head and I saw Liah with Connor, she looked at me with a gentle smile on her face. She moutered something.

"Thank you".

They really fit together.


I'm home now. After a long long day. I think Liah and I are going to be good friends at the end. I don't know.

A good new is mum isn't here. The bad one is I have no one around.

I decide to have a bath and relax from this stressful day. I really needed it.

The phone rings.


"Oh, hey sweetheart, I'm not going home tonight, sorry, I haven't prepared anything to eat, but there's some food in the fridge".

"Okay mum".

"Sorry again sweetheart".

"Don't worry".

I'm so hungry. But I'm too lazy to cook anything right now.

I take my lap and I search the phone of a pizza place near here.

"Hi. Yes, a medium size cheese pizza" I waited at the phone " to delivery please, yeah, wait a moment please" I couldn't remember the name of my new street, but mum had sticked a paper on the fridge door with the adress, thanks mum! 


After waiting about 20 minutes the doorbell rings. 

"Yes" I tell to myself "I'm hungry". I run to the door with my wallet on my hand. I open the door trying to open the wallet.

"Good evening" says a voice while looking at the Welcome mat my mum bought. "It is 7.60$ please" he says raising his head to me.

This dolars thing is still weird for me.

"Okay, here it is" I say giving him the money, now looking at him.

He is handsome oh my God! What am I doing? I'm holding the money into his hand not letting it go. Am I still looking into his brownish green eyes? 

"Um, thanks. Hope it's good" he says. Turning to leave.

"Yeah, thank you" I close the door, realizing I'm blushing.

Oh hell, what's going on?

I sit alone in the living room and I start eating the whole pizza rounded by the silence of the house, still thinking about those eyes.

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