Chapter 8 revised

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Chapter 8 revised.

I cracked my jaws open in a large yawn and stood up stretching my stiff body. I walked out and got a drink before sitting in front of the mirror looking at myself in my wolf form. Over three months passed since I became Alejandro's 'pet', I basically stayed in my wolf form 24/7 upon his 'orders' or more like threats to my life if I was caught as a human. The only time I would shift was when I was alone and had to use the bathroom even though on some account I think he knew but wasn't too concerned.

I glared as he walked into the room with a leash in his hand. "Come." He ordered, I sighed and walked to him, he hooked the leash to my collar and walked out with me, this probably meant we were going out so he could show me off some more. But instead he took me to the back door stepping out looking at his backyard which was a huge piece of land with a good size cluster of trees and bushes like a mini forest, it had a good size pond with a fountain in the middle, it was closed off by a 6 foot cement wall.

"Go on." He said unhooking my leash, I cocked my head confused. "Go run around." He said walking over and sitting at the table while one of his servants brought him a drink. "You've been good enough and I know it's hard to stay in a cage." He said. "You try to escape and you'll pay for it." He warned, I refrained from wagging my tail at him, I walked down the steps before launching from the middle and ran off. I knew I was acting like a domestic dog running in a backyard but right now I couldn't care less, I was finally running around!

The air had a crisp, wet smell from all the rain lately and I could smell the rain that was still looming overhead in the gray clouds. The grass was wet and cold under my paws, the water splashed up my legs and under belly and it was wonderful! I closed my eyes as I ran into the trees slowing down finding myself back in my pack with my friends, mom, dad, Daniel, Ryder, everyone. I stopped panting and sat down sadly hearing their howls, laughs and memories. That stupid evil voice crept in my head saying I would never see my family again ever. I walked to the wall and looked up before glancing around and shifting and touched the wall, although it wasn't that high up but it would take a running start and at least something to jump off of to get over this wall, it was a challenge.

My head pounded harshly as I shifted back and walked back to the porch my good mood crushed, I walked up to the porch, he looked at me. "That was a short run." He said, I flopped on the ground.

Screw off. I grumbled laying my head down trying not to cry. When he let me in I walked back to my cage and curled up sobbing quietly until I fell asleep.

I didn't wake up until I heard Alejandro clear his throat, he stood with Angela standing next to him. "Out." He said, I grumbled but didn't move, he hit the cage making me jump. I got out blinking a few times as my head continued to pound and my stomach churned. Angela grabbed the leash hooking it to my collar and walked me into the bathroom and in the shower. I stood still as she began to massage my fur getting it soaked. I whimpered as my head pounded harshly and I fought not to puke. She looked at my concerned, I couldn't even motion that something was wrong before suddenly the floor was getting closer to me and everything went black, I just heard Angela yell for Alejandro.


I opened my eyes and winced at bright lights above me, I shifted and lifted my heavy head and found myself in a doctor or vets office and I was laying on a metal table. I glanced around to see a doctor standing to the side talking with Alejandro. I moved creating a noise drawing their attention, Alejandro walked up and began to pet my fur making me rumble and his grip to tighten before releasing.

"So what's wrong exactly?" He asked the doctor, I tilted my head.

"Just a simple bug, I'd keep her in bed for a while, don't let her get worked up or strain herself. It would be better if she could be in her human form for it." He said, Alejandro's grip stiffened. "Her body's immune system can work better as human than wolf." He said.

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