Chapter five-you could reel him in faster than a fishing pro

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My head is still ringing from all the lecturing the teachers did throughout the day. I seriously don't get how they can speak that much; even without coming up for air! Payton snidely said that 'they love the sound of their own voices' but to be honest, I think they may have mutant lungs or something...

It was strange though, talking to Payton. It was as if I had known her for my whole life, we could have talked for hours, and I have never laughed so much in my life... It's an amazing feeling to feel like I have more people to talk to than my abusive mother and my father, although I cannot fault a chat with my dad; it is nice to have someone else.

A small knock came from my door braking me out of my thoughts...

"Come in" I called from my already homework-covered bed.

"Wow, those teachers sure do start fast" my dad mused.

"This isn't even half, my brain is mush dad"

"Well, hey why don't you take a breather. Come down stairs and we'll have a movie night and I'll order a take out"

" that does sound really nice dad... And I thankyou for attempting to save my brain but actually Dexter invited me to go to his house for dinner... He said he'd pick me up at 6pm"

My dad's face morphed into one of shock, which actually looked a little like how I probably looked when he asked me.

*6 hours earlier*

"So you decided to flip over the table, because you didn't win at bingo?" I laughed.

"That is a understandable response to make when one looses to a 65 year old named Gertrude whom is a very very boastful winner, so, yes I did flip the table over" Payton said back, amusement in her eyes

"Well, remind me not to ever play a game with you that involves competition, I don't want to end up with any tables flying around" I mocked.

"Oh shut-" and then Payton froze. Not saying a word.

" to Payton" I said, whilst snapping my fingers together in front of her.

"Hey babe" said an extremely familiar tone; with a hint of annoying in there too- of course

"Hi dexter" I replied back, bemusement clear in my face and voice.

"Don't sound to happy to see me" he replied sarcastically while ruffling my hair.

I turned to look at Payton who was staring from me, to Dexter in pure shock. Dexter however didn't have a clue of Payton's clear facial expressions and pulled up a chair next to me and sat down at our dinner table. While cheekily deciding it was alright to steal some of my lunch, uh, I don't think so buddy!

"So, what are you doing tonight toad breath?" Dexter ever so nicely quizzed.

"Nothing, just going to sit at home with my dad I think" I replied, shoving around 8 chips in my mouth (yes I know, wow Ella how attractive. But honestly I just don't like to share my food.)

"Hm, well now your doing something" he beamed...

Why did I get the feeling this wasn't going to be good?

"Oh yeah?" I questioned "and what will I be doing?"

"Coming to my house for dinner of course. I will pick you up from your house at 6... And don't worry there is no ally ways I can take you down and stab you again" and with that... He stood up and walked away.

"H-how do you know Dexter Knite?" Payton said once Dexter was out of our hearing zone.

"Oh, it's a long story but it started with me being on the floor dripping wet" I exclaimed. And on seeing the confused and slightly disgusted look on Payton's face I decided to elaborate on my answer "no no nothing like that.. No, basically I was busy walking through the shopping centre down town with a nice costa, when his lordship bumped into me; which lead to me falling on the floor with my costa all over me. He then followed me back to costa and told me to come with him, I don't know why but I did, and we went into a pub and you could say I entered him into a dance competition where he made a fool of himself... And ever since then we've been friends" I finally finished with "why you ask?"And then threw another dozen chips in my mouth.

" oh...uhh... You know" she mumbled, her cheeks slightly turning red

"Oh my god Payton... You like Dexter!" I exclaimed

"Shut up, not so loud" she said looking all around to see if anyone heard. When she was sure we where in the safe zone she looked back at me and sighed "yeah, I do... Since like forever! He's never noticed me but I mean he's the coolest guy in school... He's so sporty yet he's brainy too. Not like the other boys"

"Payton your the most popular girl in school, chick your the queen b you could reel him in faster than a fishing pro" I told her.

She continued to argue with me for the remainder of lunch time about how she was to scared to be rejected by him... The poor girl. I knew they would make an amazing couple.


"Well" said my dad "I guess I'll be eating out on my own then"

"I would love to eat with you dad, I'm sorry"

"It's fine dudette, you don't need to be sorry! I'm glad you have plans, it's about time you got out there and made some friends! I'm very proud of you" he walked over and kissed my head

"I love you da-"


"I guess that's your ride" my dad laughed


This dude has no patience, Jesus I bet he just got here, does he think I'm going to be sat on the road side counting the minutes till his arrival? Infact, this is the narcissistic Dexter I'm talking- well thinking- about, so yes he probably does expect me to be waiting on the road side counting down the seconds until he decides to grace me with his presence. Oh goody...

"Well, I best go" I shouted to dad as I ran past him and down the stairs to avoid that sound again "I love you!"

"I love you too dudette!" My dad called back.


He took a deep breath, and after holding it for a few seconds he exhaled, he looked across to me- sitting beside him looking quizzical as his eyes bored into mine. I knew what he was going to tell me was hard for him so, I placed my hand on his and squeezed his in mine, and gave him a small smile to show him it was alright.

"I thought I would tell you, before we go into my house... This is really hard for me to say too..." He mumbled, his hand slightly shaking.

"You don't have to tell me anything you dont feel comfortable talking about" I soothed.

"Your going to see in a moment anyways, that my parents aren't at home, so I thought I would tell you to avoid you asking me later."

"Dexter" I whispered, my hand drawing circles on his " you don't need to tell me if you don't feel comfortable, I won't wonder and I won't ask questions about it. If, in the future you want to tell me then I am here for you but right now I can tell you do not, which I understand, so it's ok for you not to tell me right now"

He gave me a small smile "Shall we go in then?" He asked, nodding his head toward the house that stood in front of us.

I smiled back and replied "ladies first" which blew back in my face when he burst out laughing, and I realised I had basically just said I wasn't a lady.

"young one, you will learn the ways of offensive come backs some day, bless you" and left the car and strutted toward his house.

And for a second I just sat in my new friends car. I, Ella Spear had made a friend and had just made him feel better when he was uneasy about something. So much has changed over the time I had been here at London, and I was beginning to like change, and like being around people and having friends. Friends who are nice and caring an...

"Why the fuck are you still sat in the car you lazy bitch, come on I'm hungry!" Complained an amused looking Dexter from the other side of the car door.

Hmm, never mind what I was saying before.

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